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Zip n Store

Containers in the refrigerator get buried and forgotten about and eventually have to be thrown away. Containers don’t keep food as fresh as long as food in ziplock bags (why? Because you can eliminate a large portion of the air in a ziplock bag and you can’t in a Tupperware container!!

Park Smarts for Kids

Hi My name is Dodie Long. My love of children, nature and national parks led me to create Park Smarts For Kids. Remember your first park experience? Whether it was the awesome majesty of the Grand Canyon... the exquisite beauty of Yosemite... the awe inspiring accomplishment of Mount Rushmore... the explosive wonder of the Hawaii Volcanoes or the dramatic vistas of Red Rock Canyon... our National Parks are priceless and irreplaceable! With fun puzzles and education to inspire the adventurous spirit in all of us, Park Smarts For Kids is being created to Educate Kids about our precious National Parks, because the best way to ensure the Preservation and Longevity of these National Treasures is to pass on the love of nature to the next generation.

MobiCard USA

The MobiCard APP is the ultimate discount APP offering online shopping, local shopping, and national discounts ... just to list a few. With everything at your fingertips this remarkable APP has it all. Business websites, contact information, and directions to store front are just a click away. Easily see the amazing local offers. New offers added daily Online shopping Specialty store listings (ebay, etsy, facebook, Amazon, website store etc...) Affordable Yearly or Monthly Memberships

Trifecto Infinity

Thanks for stopping by! Peter Gantner and Len Kensey have followed and pledged on more than 130 projects. The time has come to do for our project what we have believed in for some time and that is Crowd Funding GADGET!

The Process To Be

Hey Everyone!! My name is Scott Bland and I wanted to say, "THANK YOU!" in advance for considering the support of this NEW product! “The Process To Be” is a 7 module training on HOW to renew one’s mind. It was created to cultivate an atmosphere of TRUE prosperity - Spirit, Soul & Body. By the end of the training, you would have received several concepts, laws, principles and steps needed to help you arrive at a state of peace in this thing we call life...should one CHOOSE to apply them.

Net Effects Traders

Net Effects Traders is a small emerging company with a big dream. Our commitment is to provide training, fair wage jobs and great working conditions to disenfranchised Cambodians - especially women and mothers. At the same time we are committed to bring fabulous, meticulously designed eco-friendly messenger bags and totes to thoughtful on-the-go Western consumers. Our story is simple -- After living and working for a major non-profit in some of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and seeing how the women, men, and children were trapped in poverty. And how so many end up begging or scavenging in the streets just to get by we realized:


he Gunbail APP is an innovative community policing tool that promotes positive officer/offender engagement and relationship to help tackle illegal street guns. Gunbail.com provides Law Enforcement Officers with the software support to safely target and confiscate illicitly held weapons, eliminating unnecessary arrests and incarcerations for lower level nonviolent offenders at the same time.

EZ On BaBeez - La Moda Zona LLC

Ever try changing a baby's dirty diaper underneath a traditional Baby Bodysuit? Notice how quickly men disappear from the room when it's time to change the baby's diaper, especially if it has leaked?! That was the inspiration for the Mom and Grandmom, JULIETA RECOMETA for our EZ-ON BaBeez Baby Bodysuit! It makes changing a dirty diaper so MUCH EASIER, QUICK AND CLEANER! Now even dads and baby caretakers will insist on wanting to change the diaper.

kulaBrands Anthem

The kulaBrands Anthem is a song written from the heart with passion for kulaBrands to showcase the power of the Kommunity and the journey the Founder and the company traveled from conception to fruition.

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