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kulaBrands Anthem

The kulaBrands Anthem is a song written from the heart with passion for kulaBrands to showcase the power of the Kommunity and the journey the Founder and the company traveled from conception to fruition,  How it started, where it is now, and the future of where it's going. This will be a quality production, Born out of collaboration, Polished with passion, and Built for you the Kommunity. From: Donavon Lee Carpenter "KulaYeeHaaW" My goal with this recording is to empower, motivate, and encourage members  to join me in my passion, commitment and gratefulness for the opportunity to give back to the Kommunity that has been so gracious in welcoming me. The kulaBrands Anthem is a testament, I think, to the validity of the concept; a simple guy with an idea and the power of the greatest Kommunity  on earth  to help a country boy realize a Dream.  The Belief that anything is possible and with the rising tide the faithfulness to Soar will give us the confidence to Fly. I would like to thank you for your consideration in backing the recording of a song that I know has the power to give all members a continued and renewed confidence to know that they have been truly "Welcomed Home." Ultimately, my wish is that every member, present and in the future will be able to use this production as a tool to influence within the Kommunity and in the World at large. Special thanks to Deborah Casswell for helping me to Dream Big, the PMOI class for teaching me to Believe,  Peter and Doug for the opportunity to Soar, Cory Moran for teaching me to Fly, and a very special thank you to the kommunity for making it all possible.     From : Carolyn Smith
I never set out to write a song, I did however write a poem.  The KulaBrands Anthem started as a simple poem to Peter, from me, to convey my gratitude for how KulaBrands has changed my life.  After a couple of very hard years filled with loss and many many years of fruitless searches for the mlm that would bring me the income I so desperately desired, I gave up, threw in the towel and definitely admitted defeat.  You know the road I went on. I'm pretty sure along the way I saw a few of you off in the ditch as well, that long heartbreaking, dream wrecking , spirit crushing, and of course bank account emptying long and winding road.  The worst recruiter and saleswoman threw in the towel, and then......Ta Da....along came KulaBrands.  Fast forward to the influencer class where I met Donavon.  I saw he was a musical wizard and after I wrote my Ode To Peter, I thought wouldn't it be fun if he could throw a little tune around it and we could give Peter a little gift.  Well hello Pandora!!!  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my little poem would grow into something this big.  When you read a copy of the original, you will see the power of collaboration in action when compared to the final product.  Thank you Corporate and the Kommunity, for the support Donavon and I have received thus far and going forward.  With your help we can bring the KB Anthem to the whole Kommunity to listen to as they make their own plans to Dream, Believe, Soar and Fly......

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