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Imperium Omni Game

Imperium Omni is a four-part Serialized Retro-RPG set in a vast new fantasy world developed over 25 years by StoryTellers Entertainment and Matthew S. Thomas and showcased in a full-length Fantasy Novel, available right now for immediate download.  If you got in on the early promotion or have bought the Kindle/Novel, please review it on Amazon for participation points! Find the link below!


If you received a FREE or paid copy on Amazon that makes you a VERIFIED PURCHASER, and that gives your reviews more weight.  The more downloads we have and the more reviews we have, the more successful the Kickstarter Campaign will be!

(*Please do the FREE DOWNLOAD even if you don't have a Kindle!  Kindle Reader Apps are available for all platforms including PC, iPad, iOS and Android)

Imperium Omni - “To Rule All”.  StoryTellers Entertainment and Matthew S. Thomas are excited to bring you a Role Playing Game 25 years in the making, spanning a four-part story arc that takes place over decades of game-time. Part One is the Captain’s Edition, Part Two is the General’s Edition, Part Three is the King/Queen Edition and the final part is the Emperor/Empress Edition.  Game Available for solo play on PC/Windows.

We have an ongoing aggressive Press Campaign, and we already have lots of  international exposure in the media;

Jan 18, 2019 - Game-Wisdom Podcast "The Cross Platform Work of Imperium Omni" http://game-wisdom.com/podcast/imperium-omni Jan 14, 2019 - Renderosity "Epic fantasy RPG Imperium Omni is designed using Bryce 3D" https://magazine.renderosity.com/article/5005/epic-fantasy-rpg-imperium-omni-is-designed-using-bryce-3d Jan 14, 2019 - PCGamesN "Making it in Unreal: Imperium Omni is a new kind of novel adaptation" https://www.pcgamesn.com/imperium-omni/imperium-omni-unreal-engine-4 Dec 3, 2018 - 8Bit/Digi "Imperium Omni Coming to Mobile Devices" https://8bitdigi.com/imperium-omni-mobile-devices/ Nov 30, 2018 - Renderosity "Imperium Omni set to bring a retro RPG also to mobile gamers" https://magazine.renderosity.com/article/4922/imperium-omni-set-to-bring-a-retro-rpg-also-to-mobile-gamers Nov 20, 2018 - App Developer Magazine "Retro gaming talk with Matthew Thomas of Storytellers Entertainment" https://appdevelopermagazine.com/retro-gaming-talk-with-matthew-thomas-of-storytellers-entertainment/ Nov 06, 2018 - App Developer Magazine "New game studio wants to bring back fantasy based retro gaming" https://appdevelopermagazine.com/new-game-studio-wants-to-bring-back-fantasy-based-retro-gaming/ Nov 05, 2018 - Renderosity "New Game Studio Seeks To Revive Fantasy Retro Gaming" https://magazine.renderosity.com/article/4876/new-game-studio-seeks-to-revive-fantasy-retro-gaming Nov 02, 2018 - Renderosity "Kickstarter campaign to launch for fans of retro RPGs" https://magazine.renderosity.com/article/4874/kickstarter-campaign-to-launch-for-fans-of-retro-rpgs  

Imperium Omni is not just another “same old RPG” game like so many others.

Imperium Omni has four distinct elements that make it very different from all the other role playing games you’ve played.

FIRST: The game’s actual long term goal is to move all the way from the lowliest ranked player to eventually be crowned Emperor or Empress of the world, taking that honored spot from the current holder. Now, that goal takes place over 4 full length games and probably 30 years of game time.

"Her Imperial Majesty the Empress Illissa of the Sashire Empire, was even more stunning in person, as if the sculptors of her statues couldn’t come close to capturing her profound aura in any kind of stone or steel. Clad in armor of a golden hue, her eyes were impossible to look away from; so light-brown that they seemed to shine brighter than gold in the light. The armor she wore was decorative, rather than combat-ready, revealing a subtle décolletage not suitable for battle. A crown of gold with blood-red rubies surrounded by white diamonds rested atop her head. And framed by her long, graceful yellow-blond hair, her face was so perfectly young, and yet at the same time, it was clearly ageless and timeless. She emanated power and authority, a presence of command that was palpable, literally tangible in the room.”-- From Imperium Omni: Captain’s Edition, the novel.

SECOND:  the game is not only in four full parts, but each edition is serialized, allowing game content to be constantly flowing, releasing new material on a regular basis.  This reduces the cost to produce the game, but it also reduces the cost to the players, making the game more widely available. THIRD:  what allows us to bring this game’s budget down so low is that we are using a primarily Map-Based user interface rather than a full time 3D environment. This beautiful retro-gaming approach allows us to keep our costs way down, while allowing us all to remember that maps are magic. They’ve become so mundane and commonplace now that people forget how they illuminate the world. They not only take us from one place to another, but they show us what’s possible, and what we can imagine. And while much of the game relies on maps, there’s plenty of standard animated interactions, as well as plenty of full 3D segments as well. FOURTH:  Lastly, Imperium Omni allows the player to evolve with the content, giving players the chance to not only play their primary class, but also to play concurrent classes like Pirate, Monk, Samurai or Spy. And while doing this, the player can create living relationships with any non-player character in the game, making friends, enemies and even lovers of anyone you meet. This is a story that begins 30 years in the past that takes a fresh Explorer just out of the Academy and brings them into the wide world with all kinds of new twists on the concept of RPGs, including becoming the ruler of the world. The full-length Novel of the first game, the Captain’s Edition, is written entirely as a story to be enjoyed everyone , non-gamers and gamers alike and it is available right now. The print and tablet editions are available at online retailers. Within the scope of the novel, gamers will see all kinds of aspects of unique game-play elements seamlessly built right into the story. So the novel is actually also a novelized walkthrough that is both the story IN the game while also being the story OF the game. This game has taken a lifetime to design, and its development journey has had a lot of twists and turns. But with the era of Kickstarter upon us we’re now ready to bring it to life and we need your help to do that! Stretch Goals - Enhance The Game  - By Raising Greatly in Excess of $25,000 We want to raise far more than $25,000 with our campaign.  Many Kickstarter Role Playing Video Games have gone on to raise far more than their original goal, raising up to $1 million, $2 million and even $4 million dollars!!  And we all benefit from raising the highest possible amount.  What do we do with all the extra money?  The first stretch goals are simple;  add more 3D content to the current game.  Next up, expand to complete the next sections of the serialization, one by one.  The first stretch goals enhance the current game by expanding the 3D content.  Subsequent stretch goals bring us outside Pendellhaven Valley, and to be able to explore more cities, regions and countries within this vast world. In the long-term, all goals enhance Imperium Omni, bringing increased content, additional media and additional capabilities to the game.   Risks and challenges There is no doubt that video games are complex software projects, however, the StoryTellers team has a combined 70+ years experience in software product development and software project management, and 20+ years of game programming experience. Our team of programmers have in excess of 20+ software patents among us. So our experience helps mitigate the risks associated with the production of a complex RPG game. Imperium Omni's production schedule is designed to allow ample production development due to reliance on substantial pre-production design work prior to coding, and most importantly, the use of a proven, AAA-3D game engine, Unreal 4. The Map-Based elements are comparatively simple to code, and the 3D game engine itself is fully built and tested by some of the largest and most successful game companies on earth, we can rely on its set of streamlined development tools to speed up our progress in a bug-free environment. Since this game is inherently designed to be produced in specific stages, the limited scope of each stage allows us significant breathing room. And our project is free of any requirement for a third party to approve or review any of our rewards prior to release.  We are perfectly formed to meet any challenges we face.

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