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While launching TuckVisor and ClingVisor into the market and growing sales I am repeatedly asked by the massive consuming public if these could be used in the front windshield because "My visors don't work for me. I am too short. will you please solve this problem?" So I created EdgeVisor to do so - once and for all! WHY IS EdgeVisor SO REVOLUTIONARY? * Extends down - Blocks sun below the car visor * Extends horizontally - Block sun above and below the rear view mirror * Adjustable clip - Allows for perfect clip-on fit on ALL vehicle visors * High quality construction - Long lasting, won't break * Does not cover or block the vanity mirror - allows you to be as vain as you want  :) * Stores between vehicle visor and vehicle ceiling - Very sleek and discrete, not an eye sore * Visor can be reversed on rod - making it equally as effective and useful on passenger side * Improves driver safety
  NOTE: * There is nothing like EdgeVisor in the retail market * EdgeVisor will quickly enter the retail market by leveraging my existing distributor customers / relationships * There is only one competitive product on Amazon and it is grossly inferior. = EdgeVisor will quickly take the market share and grow rapidly in Amazon * TuckVisor will own the Amazon sun visor & extender category with TuckVisor, ClingVisor, and now EdgeVisor * EdgeVisor fits all vehicles from the Smart Car to the 18 Wheeler semi. That's 350+ million vehicles on the road EVERY DAY! * All EdgeVisor campaign amounts received by March 31st will be included in the quarterly royalty payout in the first week of April. = You will be earning sales points in TuckVisor the company AND paying yourself back.  This is not a contractual requirement. It is just the way I roll  :)   A sincere and eternally grateful THANK YOU TuckOn!

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