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Herbally Pure All Natural Liquid Vitamins is committed to producing the finest High Potency Nutritional Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Supplements and being transparent with our customers in every step of our manufacturing process. By using the best premium raw materials available, employing highly devoted staff, conducting quality control purity testing and modern sterilized production equipment, you are guaranteed the highest of quality in manufacturing and testing. All these careful steps result in having not only the highest purity, but also the correct ratio of critical ingredients to ensure the results and nutritional success you are looking for. Herbally Pure is a non-GMOVegan Friendly with No FructoseHerbally Pure includes all 13 daily vitamins the FDA recommends at 125% of the daily recommended value, as to not overwhelm the liver and body with unnecessary amounts of vitamins. Herbally Pure is also Electrolyte Enhanced and loaded with Minerals and Antioxidants! These include and are not limited to:

  • Vitamin D, which allows for calcium and phosphorus absorption. It is especially vital to get enough of this vitamin during the winter, when our main source of Vitamin D, the sun, isn’t out as much. ·
  • Vitamin B1, B5, B6 and B12, to help you feel alert and refreshed, as well as assisting in many important bodily functions like cell growth, skin repair, and memory.          
  • Biotin, a type of B-complex vitamin that is essential for the formation of RNA, DNA, and the metabolism of carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Calcium, to support bone health and strength. ·         
  • Zinc, which promotes immune health, as well as your sense of taste and smell.
  • Copper, an essential mineral that aids in the formation of red blood cells, hemoglobin, and bone.
  • Lycopene, a potential agent for the prevention of some types of cancers


Many people in America today are not getting the vitamins and minerals they need. This is mostly due to the poor diet of the average American. The fact is, most vitamins and minerals we need should come from eating. Therefore, supplements are aimed to do exactly what the name implies: supplement our diet with what we lack. Up until now we have taken vitamins and minerals in the form of pills. The problem with pills is that they tend to upset your stomach, especially with long term use. The best solution to this problem rests with liquid vitamins. Herbally Pure Liquid Vitamins do not upset your stomach like pills because liquid vitamins travel through the stomach quickly to the intestines, where they are readily absorbed by the body. Herbally Pure Liquid Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants start being absorbed within minutes, so you will feel energized and refreshed sooner than the 4-6 hours it would take if you had taken a vitamin pill.

Our Herbally Pure product line has 3 different options for our consumers. This allows you to choose the vitamin drink that suits you the best. Our Herbally Pure 32oz bottle is our flagship product. This will take care of your Liquid Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants all month long, while being Electrolyte Enhanced as well. We will even have a monthly autoship program in place so you don’t run out and will save you some money!

Do you like to work out or get outside and just be active? Try our Vitamin Water Kit! All you need to do is mix 1 oz of Herbally Pure with water, and drink when you need it. You will feel the vitamins at work in no time. Additionally, when you use our Vitamin Water Kit, you are saving 16 plastic bottles from a landfill by mixing your own Vitamin Water. Make the healthy choice not just for yourself, but for the planet.

If you want to get all your Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in a small, easy to carry bottle, then the Herbally Pure Shot is the way to go. It fits easily in your pocket, book bag, suitcase, purse and delivers all your daily requirements in a 2oz shot. 


Herbally Pure in the past had 3 infomericals completed and as soon as the NEW labels are put onto the bottles we will go back into the studio to shoot new ones.


When you choose Herbally Pure Liquid Vitamins, you are not only supporting our employees, but also a great cause. We have teamed up with MagicMobility, a nonprofit organization assisting the families of disabled men, women, children and veterans to raise funds for wheelchair accessible vans. We designate a portion of our profits to assist them in their cause. To find out more about MagicMobility and their mission, visit  www.MagicMobility.org.

Herbally Pure Liquid Vitamins is designed for everyone looking to fill the gaps in their diet and get a boost of energy the natural way with NO Caffeine included. Whether you are parent looking for a fun way for the kids to take their vitamins or are just tired of taking pills, Herbally Pure Liquid Vitamins has a product to fit in with your lifestyle. If you recently underwent bariatric surgery or require a specialized balance of vitamins and minerals, check with your doctor to know if Herbally Pure Liquid Vitamins are right for you.

Due to our 3 different products, targeting several demographic groups, Herbally Pure All Natural Liquid Vitmains will make an amazing fundraising product line, available year round for your fundraising needs! We do have plans to expand our product line in the future as well. We will also be producing NEW infomercials along with having an amazing Affiliate program!  

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