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The Entrepreneur Board Game

The Entrepreneur Board Game
This is it! This is the game we've all waited for. A fun game that teaches the concepts of becoming an entrepreneur! Start your Home-based or Brick & Mortar business and compete against others as you establish and grow your empire, make side deals with other players...all while avoiding bankruptcy!
Game night will never be the same!
Game night will never be the same!
Start at the beginning and work your way through! Path #1: Home -based Business. Choose to start a home based business of your choice. Come up with the name of your business and what your business does. (Home-based businesses are less expensive to start) Path #2: Brick & Mortar Business. Choose to start a stand-alone business of your own, and you own the property! Sure there is a greater investment for a Brick & Mortar business...but the upside in more income possibilities! Where will you start?
The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks Playing Pieces
The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks Playing Pieces
Playing Decks
Playing Decks
There are four decks in the game that are colored coded with the game spaces. Land on a colored space and pick a card from the corresponding colored deck. The decks are; Green: Marketing Deck. If you have set money aside in you marketing budget, when you land on the green space you pick a green card and find out the result of your marketing dollars at work. This deck is interactive, which means you may have to draw a logo for your business or create a jingle or create a commercial or any number of marketing ideas. Yellow: Wild Cards. Wild cards can affect your business in any number of ways. Could be good, could be 'not so good'. Red: Losses. Every business deals with challenges, setbacks and losses along the way; life is anything but predictable. You have to make adjustments to your plan along the way...will you be able to 'overcome' and 'become'? Orange: Trump Cards. Trump cards are 'big business' cards whose effects trump all. You never know what can happen in business and you never know what will happen in The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks!
How to become an entrepreneur
...and what game would be complete without MONEY! That's right, four different denominations. There are a few other items in the game such as dice, pencils and pre-printed pads to keep track of your income, liabilities and assets. We are so very excited, this game is ready! We have had so many people play the game over the past few months and they love it! The average playing time for a group of 4 was slightly over an hour! It was fun, interactive and full of surprises. No two games are ever alike and the only limits are your imagination! BE A PART OF HISTORY TODAY!
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