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  Reign of Cthulhu: The Smart Clothing Experience is based on 1920's writer H.P. Lovecraft's classic horror/sci-fi stories. We have taken his stories of ancient elder gods that pre-date human existence, and the madness they induce, and have made an easily accessible game of heroic adventure and real world exploration. Reign of Cthulhu makes use of our patent pending technology that combines t-shirts, mobile gaming, and augmented reality into one immersive real world and augmented world gaming experience. This game takes video game players from their bedroom to playing with friends and strangers alike, in and around their city, or anywhere around the globe via portals to other dimensions that contain hidden mysteries that time forgot.     A player can choose to be a member of multiple factions, from Miskatonik University, Cultists and Hybrids.  The Miskatonic University faction has chosen to fight back the darkness and the elder gods, by any means necessary.   The Cultists faction are mathematicians gone mad, they believe they can harness the powers of the elder gods with little consequence, and use those powers to obtain their own goals and agendas.    A player can also choose to be a member of the Hybrids. This is the oldest faction, the "Blue Bloods" of the deep, Hybrids having decided centuries ago to relinquish their humanity and remake themselves into their ideals of perfection, the purported horrific visage  of the elder gods, a new aristocracy on earth awaiting the elder gods return. Once a player chooses a faction he can explore the city of R'lyeh, a lost realm hidden in the water depths of the great deep.   This immortal city and battleground has partly risen from its underwater abyss and has become a new battle ground for the factions.  Each group seeking to unlock the forgotten secrets of this primordial city for their selves. This is only a brief summary of our game.  Story lines, characters and expanded mythos have yet to be fully revealed.  Reign of Cthulhu: The Smart Clothing Experience will only be accessed by one of the t-shirts you pledge on today.  Open the worlds that are hidden just beyond our visible reality.  


A few early designs for characters in the game.   Will update with new stuff regularly, from sketches to more final art.  

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