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Zip n Store Fill It Up Cup

FILL IT UP CUP by Zip n Store  Fill it up cup, is another Zip n Store product that takes the mess out of filling seal-top bags. The FILL IT UP CUP is convenient to fill seal-top bags, store and reheat foods. It will be part of the Zip n Store product line that King Pac will sell internationally under our 5 year multi-country license agreement. It is so simple to use and will be a great selling item at grocery stores around the world. Imagine walking into a grocery store and see the FILL IT UP CUP hanging on a zip strip right in front of all of the major seal-top brands!

Zip n Store is the brain-child of inventor Len Kensey and the result of working in collaboration with kulaBrands, the Launching, Branding and Building community.

Created in June of 2016, Zip n Store was then launched on Kickstarter, and raised over $150,000 within 33 days (only 1% of funded projects reach the 100K mark!).  Within 2 months of launching, Zip n Store was viewed over 25 million times on social media sites.

Now being sold on Amazon Prime throughout the U.S. and soon the world, Zip n Store's  dream is becoming a reality. This is Zip n Store... Food storage... Simple n Easy!

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