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Greetings to you, our honored and greatly appreciated community members! This CF raise is going to give us the funds we need to continue to grow which is what we need to fund larger projects with greater revenue potential and attract the interest of influential new members that will help us build a massive community with momentum. Package product Photos (Thank you to the AMAZING Cory Moran) Market Overview The kulaBrands model operates in a wide range of markets. These being product incubator, crowdfunding, home-based business, global retail market, online platform and social media marketing. These are having growth on a yearly basis. kulaBrands is also on the leading forefront of collaborative business movement. This business model allows for more people to participate and benefit from the success of the business. Market Size
  1. Entrepreneurs launching new projects needing help- Estimated 20,000 plus each year
  2. Projects unsuccessful crowdfunded on top platform - Estimated 225,000 in last 6 years
  3. People in home-based business - Worldwide Market Estimated at 50,000,000 plus people in 2006
  4. Global retail market place – Estimated at $26,000,000,000,000
Target Market
  1. Inventors looking to bring their product to the market. Who need help in the development, funding and all other aspects of building a successful company.
  2. Fulltime/Part-time employees, entrepreneurs, retirees looking to develop additional income working from home on a part time bases.
Direct Sales Shopkula.com is the platform built to sell all products supported by kulaBrands. As well, we will be using Amazon.com, Ebay.com and other third-party sites to generate direct sales Community Members wanting to build additional income using online social selling (direct sales) to subsidize income and retirement. Competition Competitive Advantage
  1. The strength of our community
  2. Patent pending business model
  3. The ability for all members to generate income without having to recruit
  4. No auto ship program
  5. No money paid out for recruiting
  6. Collective intelligence of members
Future Products and Services Future projects and brands for kulaBrands are open to technology, publishing, food and spices, design, automotive, music and film, services and many others. kulaBrands uses collective intelligence of the community to decide which projects are launched. The kulaBrands community represents a cross-section of the of the global retail community. Executive Summary kulaBrands is dedicated to locating unique inventions, artists, and projects that are looking for a way to get manufactured and find channels of distribution. By leveraging its community of members to bring these inventions to market successfully, kulaBrands is the answer that these inventors are looking for. As a home-based business, kulaBrands sells memberships to those interested in joining the kulaBrands opportunity. Members, in turn, receive royalties for products they choose to crowdfund, promote, or sell. Members also receive royalties on members activity referred by them, giving them the power to leverage the kulaBrands model. kulaBrands™ Inc is a new, innovative company inspired by the idea of creating a company for the people that radically changes the home-based business model. As the brainchild of inventor and businessman Peter Gantner, kulaBrands has evolved to a functioning business through the collaboration and committed efforts of our dynamic team and kulaBrands community, including Doug Kyle, Yaan Gulledge, and Cory Moran who have brought it all together. By developing a business model that utilizes collaboration and fosters innovation and has developed a support mechanism through collaboration, kulaBrands has built a dynamic, synergistic paradigm that has revolutionized a shift in the home-based business. kulaBrands invites inventors, creative artists, and entrepreneurs to join forces in a unique patent-pending business model to collaborate and launch new products, as well as their respective companies! kulaBrands business was developed by recognizing and combining several powerful trends. Crowdfunding, social media marketing, crowd intelligence, work from home movement, and the collaborative business structure. This is like the perfect storm, bringing together most innovative and strongest elements of the trending online market to form what will become most likely the market changing model of the future. By combining collaboration, technology and online social networks with community-based crowdfunding (social funding), direct sales (social selling), and social branding/marketing, the products we decide to launch can go beyond the traditional home-based business format to the shelves of the traditional retail marketplace worldwide both off and online. In compliance with our community Bill of Rights, a community-elected kulaBrands member will always have a seat on the Board of Directors. This ensures that kulaBrands members are represented in every aspect of our business. With our business model, the kulaBrands community, inventors and company succeeds together, and everyone benefits from everyone else’s success. Company Overview kulaBrands™, Inc. (the “Company”), a Delaware corporation, is a community-based, patent-pending business model in the collaborative home-based business space that perpetually rewards its members for supporting inventors and project creators. The patent is based on Dynamic Reverse Royalty Allocation Systems and Methods US Pat. App. No.:15/441,735, which are paid by an inventor or an artist to kulaBrands for supporting them in the three key areas needed to build a successful brand/company. The three areas are social funding (reward-based crowdfunding), social branding/marketing and social selling (direct sales). These activities are accomplished using proprietary software, internet, crowdfunding platforms, social media sites and community co-operation. The Company operates kulaBrands.com, kulafunded.com, shopkula.com and kulaforum.org websites and facilitates activities performed by the community members (the “Community”). Problem What Makes kulaBrands Different? kulaBrands difference is our understanding and focus on the kulaBrands community. We understand that the true power of the model is members of the community. We have developed a business model and culture of every activity of each member helps build royalties for themselves as well as other community members. We exemplify the phrase “a rising tide raises all ships”.  Our belief is that collaborative business models are the future of modern society. Challenges of Crowdfunding Even before an idea is launched on a crowdfunding platform, many inventors have already spent a great deal of time, and often a significant sum of money on writing, video production, graphic design and prototype development. Once a project is approved by crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and the inventor has specified a fundraising goal, the hope is that enough people will make a pledge (or back the project) to help the inventor achieve that goal. However, only a few projects reach their goal as illustrated below: Building a community before listing on a crowdfunding platform is the most powerful key to success. Knowing exactly who is committed to pledging on the project during the first day that it goes “live” and leveraging social capital increases chances of success. Solution Why Companies Need kulaBrands’ Services Branding and marketing are among the top most costly expenses for a business. Development of a company’s messaging, logo design and how a consumer interacts with those aspects of the business requires preparation and expertise. Entrepreneurs often grossly underestimate how much time and money is required to market a product effectively. Before the days of the internet, the traditional model of Branding and Marketing looked like the image below. Many of those classic marketing methods are still in use today, and at very high costs to the entrepreneur or business owner. These days we have internet marketing, social media marketing, and now kulaBrands. How kulaBrands Helps Inventors Succeed The kulaBrands patent-pending business model provides a unique opportunity to build business relationships. kulaBrands provides a ready-made, active Community that supports the inventor. Known as pre-pledging, kulaBrands Community members always vote on every project. Pre-pledging determines how many members are interested in backing a project once it is posted on a crowdfunding website. Not every member will be interested in every project. If there are enough votes in favor of the project, the business owner or inventor can be assured that they have enough backing (“social capital”) to reach their funding goal within 24 hours of going live on the crowdfunding platform. The inventor now has money, as well as the continued support of the kulaBrands Community once the project leaves the crowdfunding platform and is launched into the mass marketplace. kulaBrands Leverages Social Platforms to Drive Sales Social selling simply means using the internet’s social media platforms to create brand awareness and to drive product sales. Because kulaBrands begins driving online sales immediately after a crowdfunding project closes, the creator or inventor is able to preserve capital in the business just when he/she needs it most—at startup. kulaBrands also helps increase income for the inventor at a time when sales are historically slow—at startup. Each kulaBrands member has his/her own sales portal website, dedicated to the sale of products from kulaBrands-supported projects. All initial sales take place online and can be shipped right from the inventor’s own business location. Top Reasons Inventors Work with kulaBrands kulaBrands is a complete solution to inventors. It provides development funds, working capital via reward based crowdfunding, revenue via direct sales, and social branding and marketing. This complete solution is provided without selling any equity in their business. Another key reason is the kulaBrands model helps reduce the cost of performing the previous mentioned activities. This allows better utilization of available capital. Improving the chance of success for the business. Business owners and inventors can enjoy the following benefits when partnering with kulaBrands: Achievement & Traction Inventors Teamed with kulaBrands Zip n Store, the first Community-supported project to launch on Kickstarter, reached the $20,000 campaign goal within 30 minutes. Reaching a total of $152,716 in pledges and 764% over-goal funding, Zip n Store was one of the most successful products ever to be on Kickstarter. Currently, there are eight additional products backed by the Community in various stages of funding. Park Smarts for Kids reached a 337% over-goal funding on Kickstarter in December 2016 and The Freedom Charger reached 547% funding on Indiegogo. The kulaBrands community has launched over 40 companies over the past 2.5 years. GunBaiL is an active campaign on Indiegogo, which has exceeded its $50,000 goal. A brief description of some projects supported by kulaBrands Community members is provided below. Long-term Branding Recognition The kulaBrands Supported Product seal represents products and services launched by the support of the kulaBrands collaborative community. The seal further represents that a purchase of this product helps improve the financial future of everyday people. Business Model Key Operational Process The kulaBrands business model covers three critical success factors that a company needs to become profitable. Without these three things, a product will not survive in the marketplace.
  1. Crowdfunding Assistance: Through the reward-based crowdfunding process, kulaBrands helps inventors and entrepreneurs obtain capital to manufacture and launch their product.
  2. Branding and Marketing: kulaBrands provides social media marketing services to build trust and brand awareness.
  3. Advertising and Sales: The kulaBrands community leverages the power of the internet to help promote and drive sales for all products that are supported by kulaBrands.
Whenever a kulaBrands-supported product makes a sale, anywhere in the world, kulaBrands members earn a reverse royalty, if they supported that product in at least one of the three kulaBrands pools. kulaBrands also offers a one-time fee to join the Community—that is a lifetime membership with no monthly fees or auto ship requirements. The unique business model provides a Bill of Rights that truly gives the Community set rights within the Company and with the Community. Additionally, kulaBrands reserved a seat on the Board of Directors for an elected community member because we believe it is important for community members to be involved in every aspect of our business kulaBrands is truly a part-time business model where, on a couple hours a week of time over the course of 3-5 years, people can build a substantial residual income. There is no requirement to recruit and although that aspect is available, it is not necessary for a person to create and build a residual income. In addition to using our own Community to generate revenue in their contacts and connections, we also leverage existing systems and existing distribution channels to distribute inventor products. So, in the early stages, kulaBrands is the one driving and creating sales for those products. As we move forward, our goal is to use much bigger distribution channels, which in turn allows us to have a much larger number of the Community making large incomes as well as everyone generating some income monthly. Funding is dramatically more accessible through the mechanism of reward-based crowdfunding. Relevant market exposure is achieved by a hybrid, of our engaged community members and our own at-will, automated social media publishing software. Sales revenue is driven by our highly incentivized community of influencers, through tried and true affiliate commission programs, using high converting sales pages, as well as word of mouth advertising for success in both on and offline sales channels. With these three aspects working in concert we can use the $300 billion direct sales industry to leverage the power of the $26 TRILLION global retail market and develop these projects into international brands. Today’s technology facilitates greater individual social reach and leverage, which when used to its full advantage, provides a blue ocean of opportunity, in which our members can monetize their activity making it easier, faster, and more likely for a project to have a successful launch into the marketplace. Royalties are one of the ideal revenue sources in the world. However, until now, royalties have been available only to a small segment of the population. The kulaBrands business model makes that income accessible to anyone with access to the Internet and opens an opportunity for large-scale collaboration, generating royalty income for the people who need it most.

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