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Run For The Radio Tour

kulayeehaaw y'all, Donavon Lee Music here, so excited to announce to you what is upcoming. Im grateful to bring the power of this model and the magic of what we do to a city near you. One year ago, we had a crazy idea that we could make a record. Because of the power and proof of the model we have not only made a record, we have been able to take the first 3 songs to 3 different charts, making a ripple in this rising tide.
Proof is in the pudding, this past year, in 29 cities in 9 weeks traveling 1600 miles in our STOMPIN GROUND TOUR, just look how far we come because of your continued support, in the first quarter we have been able to establish the top 10 of 3 different charts with 3 different songs. Your continued support through this campaign and our ability to leverage each moment will allow us to share our message and music across the globe.
Euro Academy of Country Music (EACM) - Born to Love You was TOP 10 for the first 10 weeks of 2019, Top 5 for 5 consecutive weeks and NUMBER #1 2 weeks in a row!

Born To Love You landed in the TOP 10 onthe Independent Network Chart
What Kind of Memory Am I was the 2nd charting song on Euro Academy ofCountry Music (EACM) landing at #11 this past week

Radio A1A Tropical Americana Trop 40 with Another Beach Song was #9 with another list coming out this Sunday, April 28th. And lets not forget this SMASH HIT on WCMS 94.5 Radio’s “SMASH HIT OR TRASH IT” where we definitely SMASHED IT!!

My next steps in this journey is to travel and play and market across the US. Money raised will afford me pay for the ability to promote our music across the country with radio stations. Your support will also enable us to incorporate your Kula Concentrated cities into the RUN FOR THE RADIO TOUR starting this May 2019 as well as an official music video.

I am so grateful for your continued kula support, we have come a long way in a short time, now is the time to leverage our opportunity and take full advantage of our success with Internet Radio (considered FREE Radio) to set a move towards Music Row Radio by building relationships with Independent Radio Stations across the globe.
“Catch you on the flip side - Stay in Groove - Dreams Really Come True” Donavon L. Carpenter
/Donavonleemusic.com - https://www.facebook.com/DonavonLeeMusic/

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