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Trifecto Infinity

    Thanks for stopping by! Peter Gantner and Len Kensey have followed and pledged on more than 130 projects. The time has come to do for our project what we have believed in for some time and that is Crowd Funding GADGET! titles   The Tri³Fecto Gadget Triple Play Project.  The 3 in 1 pen, stylus, and tripod or the Flashlight tripod - Keychain  is really the first of its kind.  The main function is a tripod stand for your smartphone which allows hands-free camera use and individual and group conversations. But this innovative product does not stop there, depending on which version you choose it has a convenient Gel Ink Pen and a stylus pen for inputting commands on your mobile device or graphics tablet.  Option two is just as innovative and convenient coming equipped with the tripod stand for your smartphone along with a built-in flashlight and a Keychain. Whether  you choose the Tri³Fecto Gadget Triple Play Pen option or the Tri³Fecto Gadget Triple Play  flashlight you will certainly enjoy the functionality and convenience of them both.   400-2  


Smartphones have become an essential part of our day-to-day activities. Along with it being essential comes the challenges in using them and making them functional. The inspiration behind this unique product was just one of those challenges. It was the challenge of being able to take a photo hands-free with my phone or video while I was performing other tasks. I'm sure is you have experienced similar challenges and like you, I found myself looking for something that I could prop my Phone up with only to be disappointed with the results. Thinking that there had to be a better way, we came up with the Tri³fecto tripod stand that is more of a “James Bond” device. This 3 in 1 gadget product is really so cool and works well. It is easy to carry with you wherever you go, in your pocket or in your purse. The tripod is designed for stability on most surfaces and to hold smartphones securely. ren1  


The Tri³fecto Triple Play Gadget is manufactured from premium materials. The barrel is made from aircraft grade aluminum and the tripod legs and base parts are die cast from high-grade aluminum. Both are hard coated with PVD plating. The pen grip is a high-grade silicone that has a nice feel. The pen cap is a co-molded part that incorporates a hard inner shell with a softer outer layer and integrated stylus tip. Our patent-pending pen integrated tripod design allows you to seamlessly use the tripod with any smartphone, stylus pen with any touch screen or Gel pen wherever you like!   ren2    


Tri³fecto Triple Play Gadget will come in a range of colors that are expressive and vibrant. The only problem is that you might have to have all the colors… =)  


Mini Gel 0.8mm cartridge refills for the smoothest writing pen. Two black cartridges come with each pen    

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