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Borbón Skincare, Inc.

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV5RAsNy_-w&t=6s[/embed] We proudly bring you, our kulaBrands family, our top three formulations ready to turn the skincare industry on it's ear! ~ "Borbón No.1 Revitalising Facial" (Coffee Exfoliation Masque & Scrub with organic Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil) ~ "Borbón No.2 Invigorating Body Polish" (Coffee Body Exfoliant with organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil) ~ And Introducing the WORLD'S FIRST & ONLY PREMIUM  Full-Spectrum 70+% PURE (CBD - zero THC) Cannabis Oil Soothing Herbal Massage Serum by Borbón! Borbón is a premium organic & natural personal care line of products made from the world's finest ingredients inspired by homeopathic traditions poised to ignite the "clean/green beauty" revolution!  We spoke to over 350 people of various ages, from all walks of life, ethnicities and cultures and here's what we asked: "What did your grandmothers and great grandmothers use for their skincare? NO ONE replied with "toxic chemicals, sulfates, dyes, additives, phthalates, hydroquinone or micro-beads!" So we decided, we would NEVER use any of these poisons...and we don't! What's our secret?  Our proprietary formulations and our "violet glass jar" technology. All of our ingredients are so safe they are either edible or drinkable and we import them from all over the globe. For example, our organic and pure chardonnay grape seed & 70% full-spectrum CBD oils have a 2-year shelf life! We use no water in our formulas and thus require no synthetic preservatives either! Every formula is created with Cancer patients, survivors, champions and warriors foremost in our minds because our products must be SAFE enough for them to use on a daily basis. Our line of products also appeal to all women, men, tweens & teens, including designers, entertainers & artists because several of our products have dual or triple properties that assist in preventing acne, scars, age spots & blemishes / uneven skin tone / dryness & dehydration. Our products range from aging enhancers & fine line reducers to soothing muscle relaxation with a dose of extra emollients!   www.borbonskin.com #bornofnature #madebyartists #latinaowned #handcrafted #cleanbeauty #greenbeauty #premiumcbdoil [caption id="attachment_1728" align="alignnone" width="300"] Violet Glass Technology[/caption] What will the future bring? Manuka Honey Hydrating Moisturizer, Natural Turmeric Clarifying Cleanser, Wild Tongan Seaweed Intoxicating Toner

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