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     Think of all the money you spend for products to keep your vehicle looking immaculate. You pay for the Wax, Tire Shine, Glass Cleaner, product for the plastics, product for the wheels and so on. Cut cost, save space and go with Hooptie. Hooptie reduces all of your cleaning supplies into one, not only for your car but it also has cleaning properties that work well in the home. 

Cleaning with Hooptie is Simple 

Tools Needed: Hooptie and 2 Micro-fiber Towels
  • Step 1: Spray surface area with Hooptie
  • Step 2: Using the Micro-Fiber Towel wipe away filth
  • Step 3: Use 2nd Towel to Polish

And Yes it is Environmentally Friendly


     Greg got his start in the automotive industry 15 years ago as a car detailer. He climbed the industry ladder going from salesman, to management and eventually owning his own car dealership, Aggie Auto Sales. One thing that always bothered Greg was the amount of Chemical waste and pollution running down the drains of dealerships and carwashes. As a result, the creation of Hooptie was centered on being environmentally friendly. That's it! It really is that simple. Hooptie washes, shines and protects all in one. Watch our video: https://youtu.be/Mwd2TUbo1Qw You are not clean unless you are hooptie clean!

What makes sense? Buy all of this, or just buy Hooptie?


We have a CFO of a company (non-disclosed) that has a direct relationship with the buyers for CVS Pharmacies, Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, Cabella's, Sportsman's Warehouse, and more. This person is "more excited about Hooptie than any other product he has seen"! He will have it in the buyers hands as soon as it has been labeled. We also have over 20 locations asking for Hooptie, With Zero Effort!

"The Hooptie Train is leaving the station! All Aboard!!!"

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