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Chef Bernard Salsas Colours & Spice Gourmet

Thank you for your interest in my new Project. The Culinary field has a lot of different Specialties one can excel in, such as Saucier, Guard Manger, Pastries, Short Order and Banquets etc. Over my 50+ years in the Food Service Industry I have acquired various amounts of expertise in most of these Specialties. But making Sauces is by far my best qualification and my passion. Over the years many pf my clientele have old me that the quality of my Sauces were out of this world and that I should produce them and make them available for the Home Consumer. So I decided to do just that as I am getting closer to retiring. Of course I plan to continue working long past the age of 65. But I will be producing the products I love to do, so it will not really be “work”. I have the facility and formulations and packaging ready to produce in limited quantities. The next step is to spread the word to the Home Consumers, and the purchase a filling machine and other equipment that I need to produce these products more efficiently in larger quantities. I will be introducing a new line of Specialty Products 3 to 4 times each year. Going into the holiday season of Gourmet Parties, I will be introducing my Gourmet French Sauces and Seasonings; then Salad Dressings, Soups, Caramel Candy, and Power Bars to mention a few. But with summer upon us where most people have BBQ parties and out of town trips, I have decided to use my Salsas, BBQ Sauces and Hot Sauces to launch this funding project.
4 Pack Mild 4 Pack Hot
8 Pack Mild 8 Pack Hot
8 Pack Mixed Heat
14 Pack Mixed Heat

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