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Yahooty Who?

Wouldn't it be amazing to be earning royalties on famous character franchises like Trolls, The Smurfs, or Hello Kitty? - YahootyWho? is an opportunity to get in on the next big children's brand! THE PROJECT In our kulaBrands-funded book, YahootyWho?™️, readers will be enticed by a beautiful full-color box set including a stunning 24-page hardcover book as well as a high-quality, USA assembled, Yahooty doll. As a bonus, and a highly addictive add-on, this new box set will include secret sock puppet surprises for parents to help bring the mysteries of Yahooty to life. These leave-behind sock puppets will be available for sale outside of the box set as well for children who would like to collect them all!
    ★ Growth potential to be a worldwide best selling brand including TV licensing and toy merchandising!
    ★ Book/Toy sets are driving the children's book market!
    ★ Author team are creative and marketing professionals!
    ★ The best social sharable content kulaBrands has ever seen!
OUR PLEDGE TO YOU We wrote the original YahootyWho?™️ book for our children in 2014. As creative marketing people, we may have gone a bit overboard with a simple side project, but now the kulaBrands community will benefit from our early efforts as well as our drive to make engaging viral imagery and captivating stories. As a social community you know how powerful content is in order to properly market any business online. The beauty of YahootyWho?™️ is that we already have a huge wheelhouse of content to draw upon. That means we will provide the kulaBrands community with powerful visuals to share on social media, fun contests to drive interest and build the mailing list, as well as custom video content that beats flat imagery on social views hands-down. Take a look at just a smidge of the cool social content coming your way! Over the past couple months we have fallen in love with the kulaBrands community. As authors, we feel our creation is in highly capable hands within a group of like-minded individuals, whom together, become a powerful driving force in the market. As people, we share your vision and passion for the betterment of life through innovation, creativity, and cultivating new business opportunities.
THE INDUSTRY The children’s book market shows more growth than the overall U.S. book market: While the overall book market has grown 33% since 2004, the children’s book market has seen 52% growth since 2004, with a 4% compound annual growth rate. Children’s book sales are still going strong in 2016: Through the week ending October 16 (Week 41), print children’s books are up 5% over 2015. The most rapidly growing format is boxed sets. The top juvenile fiction categories ranked by unit sales include humorous stories, fantasy and magic, and media tie-ins. Source: Nielsen 2016


YahootyWho?™️ is 100% CUTE & MISCHIEVOUS. Just like your own children, Yahooty has a mischievous cuteness that everyone falls in love with. From the way he "borrows" one of your socks, to the creative sock puppets he leaves behind for children, Yahooty finds his way into the hearts of all who read his story.

YahootyWho?™️ TEACHES KIDS TO BE SELFLESS AND HELPFUL. As you read the story of Yahooty to your children, they come to learn that Yahooty does all that he does as a selfless act to bring happiness to the heart of all children. A great lead into the valuable lesson of helpfulness, acceptance, and understanding.

YahootyWho?™️ IS A BOOK FOR ALL AGES. Yahooty's story brings a smile to the face of everyone who reads it. Whether you are a child who is hearing the story for the first time, or a parent or grandparent reading it over and over again to your little ones, Yahooty takes us all to our happy place of imagination and childhood fantasy.

    ★ YahootyWho? Box Set - with Yahooty doll and sock puppet surprise!
    ★ Pre-Release E-book
    ★ Children's Yahooty Activity Sheets (downloadable for instant access)
    ★ YahootyWho? Collectable Postcard or Bookmark Set
Get in on the action within the first 24 hours for **Early Bird Exclusives**
    ★ Full-color Yahooty sticker set
    ★ Author-signed bookplate sticker
    ★ Early bird thank you video from Yahooty & friends!
(all imagery for crowdfunding purposes, final designs may vary)
©️2014 YahootyWho?

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