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  Hey Kula Family! We are excited to announce the opportunity to deploy a marketing system & mobile APP that will be available for all kulaBrands members to utilize as an optional add on, to help grow and build your kulaBrands network! How does this app help you? Designed for Community Members to quickly and easily share kulaBrands with someone to the point where they want more information.
  What does it come with? *  Marketing Materials *  Prewritten Scripts *  Tracking capability *  Contact Manager + Alerts …and so much more
On top of that, as more brands and companies launch underneath the kulaBrands umbrella, we will also be creating marketing systems for those companies as well. This platform will be your one-stop-shop to aid in growing a strong, healthy and lucrative kulaBrands business and all that this platform offers! We have partnered with Ezzey marketing, a company that utilizes a technology they have been serving the direct sales, network and affiliate marketing space for over 12 years and counting. One of the biggest reasons Ezzey has seen such a massive success in this service-based space is due to the fact that they implement systems that not only work, but they duplicate. This is a direct reflection of the team involved behind the scenes building out this powerful piece of technology. They all have a direct sales/network marketing background, who know the core principles and strategies that build a long-term organization, with today's ever developing technology. From warm market funnels (funnels used for a peer-to-peer marketing approach) to cold market (online lead generation, traffic approach), they've known how to build winning marketing materials. The copy and design of what makes up a page is just as important as the tech that these funnels are hosted on.
Their process is simple & highly effective. Step 1: They build a funnel they believe will convert well. Step 2: They run the funnel through rigorous testing. 
Step 3: If a success they deploy onto the system and replicate for users to use. If the team is not satisfied with the conversion rate, they modify and re-test. (this will happen until a strong, overall conversion rate is reached). 2 years ago, Ezzey implemented their latest and greatest piece of technology, to accompany the web-based marketing system, a mobile app. Users have the ability to send out information to contacts with the push of a few buttons, and track the prospects behavior (when they open the link, which pages they visit, if they've clicked to enroll, etc.) On top of the powerful tracking and alerts the app will send directly to the user, it also is loaded with training, follow up alerts, a full contact manager to quickly and easily manage your leads, and so much more. Every single day, we evolve our funnels, technology and usability of our system to ensure the best possible experience for our users. This has been our mission from day one and has proven to keep us known as the #1 marketing system software in the entire space. Here are a few quick facts. - Hosted multiple hundreds of thousands of users on our platform - Powered by Amazon Web Services - Spent over 70,000 hours of development and continues to rise. - Systems deployed in some many of the largest companies in the MLM/direct sales arena. Estimated delivery: April 2019 Marketing System for kulaBrands: System is designed to make it simple and easy for a kulaBrands user to quickly and easily share the platform with others and let the system do the “talking/explaining/selling” for them. Features Include: Automated Marketing App: Users can Quickly and easily start conversation with phone contacts (both friends and acquaintances), using our done-for-you scripts. Once the conversation is started, users will send prospect a video link to do the selling of kulaBrands for them. Track when prospects clicks the link open and know when to follow up! Send out unlimited texts and trackable links with your marketing app. Warm Market and Cold Market, Product and Opportunity Based Funnels: Promote kulaBrands online using compliant approved marketing funnels designed to help users sell prospects on either joining as a user, or business builder of kulaBrands, or both! Blog Lead Capture Pages: Done for you, professionally written blog articles coded to users; that can simply be shared on your social media channels, and in turn spark up conversation about kulaBrands from a user or business standpoint. *** These will be a huge play for kulaBrands. We can produce professionally written, press-release style blog articles, and feature spotlights about this platform and how unique it is; in turn driving massive traffic and volume the platform. All while being tracked through the individual user. Sizzle Videos: Optional, a la carte item – however we can either create and produce high quality sizzle videos that act as a major “selling tool” within the system, or act as directors for your current, in house film crew as far as script-writing and direction of film goes. Robust Contact Manager: Users can Easily sort through all of your leads generated through both your app and marketing system funnels and keep track of each activity your prospect takes (what pages they visited, what emails, they've opened, etc.) Email Autoresponder: Compliant, automated email marketing campaign triggering upon every opt in, and sent out to leads as a drip campaign series to further educate the prospect on kulaBrands and push them to sign up. Limit on emails for basic account. Facebook Pixel Integration: Track visitor activity on your website! Facebook Pixel Integration will let you see what actions your visitors take when they visit your webpage letting you build engagement! Team Co-Op Functionality: Allow members to setup marketing co-ops and campaigns to drive traffic to team and build overall momentum. Split Testing Integration: Split Testing will allow you to create two different web pages and rotate traffic evenly between them – allowing you to figure out which page and features work best for your business! Advanced Page Analytics: Discover and analyze how people are reacting to your message using our advanced suite of page analytics tools!

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