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Race For The Top

Race For the Top is a reality television series that highlights the people and their businesses that use crowdfunding to fund their dreams.  The show is a collaboration between KulaBrands, Canna Media Network, NBTV Studios and media distributors.  The show will be an extension of KulaBrands where some of the actual inventors that are or are going to be showcased to the kulaBrands community, are on the program.  The goals of all parties associated with this project are to gain exposure, build audiences, create multiple revenue streams and create an amazing show!! Who Is Canna Media Network and NBTV?  Check us out... [embed]https://vimeo.com/99762446[/embed] [embed]https://vimeo.com/158698074[/embed] http://cannamedianetwork.com/ Race To the Top Treatment Starting a business is challenging. It takes gumption, resilience, persistence and the support of family and friends to make it happen.  Race For The Top is a groundbreaking series that peers into the world of startups before, during and after their crowd-funding campaigns, while showing all the raw emotions associated with the entrepreneur lifestyle. This is the real world of pushing the limits and defying the odds to make your dreams happen and how it affects the world all around us.  From planning a launch to funding the business, dealing with the work/life balance and celebrating the small accomplishments along the way, Race For the Top shows what happens when the rubber meets the road during the creation of a new business. Join host Jeff Hoffman, a co-founder of Priceline.com, kulaBrands and other renowned companies, as we explore the stories of the incredible people behind these start-ups, their journey and the unparalleled resolve it takes to succeed.  There will be cheers and tears as we uncover the truths behind the brands that have used crowd-funding as part of their financing and the impact that it had on their business and their lives in the “Race For the Top”. Race For the Top is produced by NBTV Studios in conjunction with Canna Media Network.  NBTV Studios is an entertainment first-focus and award-winning production company that will make Race For the Top an exciting inside look into this high-stakes journey, as we peel the curtain back and take a head-first dive into the world of startups.  Canna Media Network is a digital media infrastructure that includes media distribution, promotion and even has their own network, e360tv which is available on 186 million devices. Distribution will be in conjunction with our partners at NBTV Studios, Stellaris Films, kulaBrands, and be available for viewing on e360tv and other networks.  On e360tv, Race For the Top will be an interactive program where audience members can connect to the companies and people in the program, contribute to crowdfunding campaigns, and eventually purchase products. This program is one of the building blocks for all of the companies involved.  Race For the Top will be produced with broadcast quality and to rival other business-related series such as "The Profit" and "Sharktank".  The collaborative team sees this on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and cable television stations such as CNBC where the show can gain mass audiences and create a "Kula-Effect" where every company, product or advertiser that is involved in the show will see a spike in interest, exposure, and sales. California event Oct 20th, 21st & 22nd 2017 http://cannamedianetwork.com/modernmedia-conference/

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