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Yahooty Who? and Friends

kulabrands has helped Yahooty Who? achieve Kindle Unlimited All-Star status on Amazon 2 months in a row! In just 6 months since the launch of our first book, we've sold more than 5X more copies than most children's titles do in a year! With some big news just around the corner, we are preparing Yahooty Who? for the next level... an animated series and 2 more book titles! THE STORY
100% CUTE & MISCHIEVOUS. Just like your own children, Yahooty has a mischievous cuteness that everyone falls in love with. From the way he "borrows" one of your socks, to the creative sock puppets he leaves behind for children, Yahooty finds his way into the hearts of all who read this book. TEACHES KIDS TO BE SELFLESS AND HELPFUL. As you read the story of Yahooty to your children, they come to learn that Yahooty does all that he does as a selfless act to bring happiness to the heart of all children. A great lead into the valuable lesson of helpfulness. FEEDS THE IMAGINATION. With a unique and creative illustration on every page of the book, Yahooty is sure to spark the creativity within all children and feed their young and curious imaginations for years to come.   OUR MISSION As citizens of the world, we work to be the best people we can be and to inspire others through thoughtfulness, positivity, and humor. As parents and influencers of children, we strive to lead by example and tell stories that help develop young minds into young adults who value the environnment, togetherness, inclusion, self respect, and positive change. As creators, we believe in the power of education for children through characters, parental interaction, and the use of story.
  THE HISTORY "Leave him a sock and wait for a peek, but he's far too fast for your eyes to seek!" My Grandpa Walt was born on the wrong side of the tracks in Gunnersville, Alabama and worked with his hands… wherever work was available. That meant moving around in a bullet trailer with his wife Judy and 3 growing boys. Searching for Yahooty with them and us, his grandkids, was his way of finding playful moments amongst the struggles of everyday life. Looking back now that he’s gone, I see how much it meant to him to search for Yahooty together. We know that Yahooty Who? will continue to bring busy families together, just like as has with so many already. Grandpa Walt would have loved the kulaBrands concept and the idea that a community of caring people can create multi-million and billion dollar brands by working together in simple ways.
Jen & Grandpa Walt
Jen & Grandpa Walt (1979)
  THE TEAM Jen, Ray, and Mike are professionals in the creative and marketing worlds and have impeccable reputations for their work, ethics, and follow-through. They've produced content, merchandise, and marketing for top Fortune 500 companies and treat this project no differently. Just ask anyone who supported the first book release on Kickstarter, Yahooty Who? is a class-act! Jen Oloo has worked as an executive in marketing and advertising for almost 20 years, holds an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and co-owns an architectural Virtual Reality firm in Los Angeles. She brings not only the history of Yahooty to the team, but also vast expertise in business management, procurement, and marketing. Mike Rodriguez and Farhang "Ray" Hodjat co-own the creative advertising firm, Vicinity, in Los Angeles. Ray holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from American Intercontinental University and Mike holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Los Angeles. Mike and Ray are responsible for the creative direction and branding of "Yahooty Who?" products and stories. Their impeccable taste makes Yahooty the attractive, fun, and consistent character you see today.   SALES POOL POINTS $49 Digital Supporter  =  1.25 $79  Hardcopy Supporter  =  1.5 $119  Exclusive Autographs & Plush  =  1.75 $499  Be Part of the Story  =  2.25    

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