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Hangry Beasts



The idea for Hangry Beasts began when the WarePlai team wanted to create another AR game that was fun yet simple and addressing a need to make family game nights more active.

We noticed kids, and let’s be honest, everyone, loves to be on their mobile device playing games. Two problems we found were that people are always hunched over their screens; usually just sitting down and by themselves.

We want to make a game that gets kids, parents, and friends together and up off their gluteus maximus to moving! Because no one wants to eat alone.

The team started thinking about games we use to play that got us to move. We all remembered the arcade and shooting hoops side-by-side with our friends and how fun it was to race against a clock; and just like that the idea of Hangry Beasts starting growing. With a sprinkle of rough character sketches, a little technical testing, and long nights designing a unique experience we knew we had something that resonated with our inner child.


Augmented Reality seems to be the "magic" of the modern day. We can take our smartphone or tablet, point the camera at a toy, at an image on a t-shirt, or at the center of a room and see a digital image that didn't exist before.

For us, AR is not just a gimmick, it's a great new way of telling stories and playing games that will bring people physically together.


We've play tested! We've prototyped! We've secured our printing and shipping partners! Our only challenge now is getting it to you in time for the holidays. If we hit our goal, though, we'll be able to do it!


We have decided to make sure we give back with this game. We want to help people that have food insecurity along with children with autism and learning difficulties. We want to use Hangry Beasts as a platform to donate funds, clothing, and awareness to these serious causes, through a fun game.

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