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Buddha Gear

Buddha Gear Joy Schade-801-310-9065 Jason Latas-801-870-9295 jasonlatas@gmail.com
Buddha gear is all about spreading seeds of kindness and mindfulness with a cool kick and awesome brand! Everyone wears hats, headbands and beanies with someone else’s logo on it. We even pay other companies to advertise for them all over our bodies. Buddha Gear’s goal is to create a cool way to wear a symbol that people actually resonate with as opposed to being a walking billboard! We like to think of it as “an outward expression of an inner reflection…”
Joy has been designing and selling hats for 12 years, putting hats on over 200,000 women! Designing new styles and setting affordable trends is her passion. Jason has been an adventure guide and wellness coach for 3 decades. Helping people connect with their inner child and find peace through personal experience is his passion!  Together they have a combined passion for giving back and helping people find peace and balance in their lives, while having fun in the process.
Buddha gear is their co-creation to bring their own designs (Buddha bands, Buddha beanies) and other enlightened creations to the world. While creating mindfulness gear, they are committed to giving back to the community and for every beanie sold will be gifting one to the homeless. The donated beanies will have an encouraging message inside the tag as a reminder to those receiving them that they are loved, seen and supported. They believe this vital part of their brand will create a ripple effect not only for the ones receiving donations, but also for those who are buying and supporting this cause-based brand.
Meditation headbands, beanies and hats are just the beginning of their meditation and mindfulness gear. Jason has traveled and studied with spiritual masters across the globe in order to share this wisdom with his clients and the world. Joy has the heart, talent and artistic expression to imbue this energy into her headwear designs. Together they have created a brand that in under a year is selling nationwide! In this short year they have tested their market online, in several local stores and dozens of diverse audiences through tradeshows, expos, markets and community events. They have been blown away by the amount of people embracing and raving over their products. They’ve been selling gear to men and women of all ages, teens and children too. Having already sold thousands of pieces, they have maxed out their living room production and are ready to scale rapidly. This Kickstarter will give them the funds to outsource production and fulfill much larger orders, take on more retail locations and attend much larger events and shows. With Joy’s experience in the hat and event industry, it will allow them to exhibit at wholesale retail expos this Fall and expand their brand into large retail chains.
“With numerous investment options, the synchronistic events leading us into the Kula Brand family has us overwhelmed in gratitude! Thank you for welcoming us into the Kula Brand Tribe. We are excited to be a part of your family and look forward to contributing to your beautiful community.
Jason Latas of Quantum Body LLC has been an adventure guide and wellness coach for over 2 decades He has personally guided many fortune 500 CEOs and major business owners on custom adventures across the globe. He also personally coaches many traveling entrepreneurs to help them stay mentally and physically fit while traveling and running their businesses. He enjoys helping people feel good in their skin again and perform better in their personal and business lives.
Jason has been featured in The New York Times, The L.A. Times, Spa Magazine, Modern Bride, Conde Naste, as well as on ESPN, The Travel Channel, Ford Adventure Outfitters, Planet X TV and many other national and international venues. Many of these videos can be seen on YouTube.
Jason has had the opportunity, through his travels to learn from Hawaiian Kupuna, Peruvian Shaman, Chinese Masters and The Massai in Africa. Mixing his knowledge of the human genome, neuroplasticity, the mind/body connection and the spiritual traditions and “knowing” of many cultures, he takes a whole body approach to wellness and approaches it from an energy and cellular level.
Before moving to Utah Jason owned an adventure company in Maui for 10 years where he took guests hiking, biking, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and on custom designed adventures designed around health and fitness. He now lives in Utah and runs one of the largest Adventure Meet-Up groups: Adventure SLC
"I've worked with everyone from extreme athletes, entrepreneurs & body builders to weekend warriors. Although, now that I’ve been a single Dad, business owner and surfed life's ups and downs, I find deeper happiness in helping stressed out people and business owners find a little life balance and feel good in their skin again. Whether you want to regain your health or just clear some mental or energy blocks that are holding you back from your desired future, together we can do it"

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