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Drop It Baby

Worry less about dropped bottles and toys!

Drop It Baby is the newest necessity for parents of toddlers on the go.
My kids drop EVERYTHING! Hi, I’m JoyLynn! My husband Brian and I invented Drop it Baby after some incredibly frustrating meals out with our twins. At the time, they were eight months old, and we were tired of continuously picking up their sippy cups and toys from dirty floors. For the first few months, we didn’t really go anywhere for fear of germs attacking our preemies. I know every first-time parent can relate. Eventually my husband and I started venturing out and realized we had to haul a suitcase with us to feel confident we could tackle anything the twins could throw at us. Ready for the list? Diapers, bottles, formula, diapers, baby food, binkies, sippy cups, toys, diapers, wipes, blankies, 2 changes of clothes for Brian and I, 4 changes of clothes for the twins, and diapers! We basically brought everything just to feel secure we could take on the world outside our home with our littles.
The Solution When Brian went back to work, it was just me, by myself, out-numbered two-to-one. I realized through my sleep-deprived, new-mom stupor that I was really starving for some adult conversation. When I chatted with Brian about my fears of taking on twins in the outside world, he keyed into a potential solution. I made our first prototype using stuff we had in the basement. I tried it at our kitchen table and was surprised by how well it worked! Drop it Baby was born. I felt my confidence grow as Drop it Baby proved its worth time and time again. Gone were the days of playing dodgeball with adult knees to chase rolling baby bottles across dirty restaurant floors. The prototype version of Drop it Baby is a creation I made by hand in my own garage, honestly out of complete desperation. It suctions to smooth, flat surfaces to prevent bottles/toys/sippy cups from hitting the dirty floor when you are out and about with a baby or toddler.
Freedom for Parents
After Drop It Baby, I started going out with the babies every week. I found that not only did it get easier for me, but my kids were noticeably better at “being out”. We received comments from parents on Drop it Baby everywhere we went, asking where and how fast they could buy one. So here I am, helping to bring sanity and confidence to new parents everywhere! I want to take this invention from homegrown to production ready with our patent-pending new suction device. What I could find already manufactured just didn’t meet my standards for reliability. And I certainly couldn’t find the overall total benefits of the Drop it Baby in any other single product out there.

  Why we need you We’ve been designing awesome patent-pending parts for Drop It Baby that will make it a more robust product line. With your pre-order,  we’ll be able to produce them and make them available to parents everywhere. You’re going to love Drop It Baby and your pre-order is going to enable us to make it better than ever and ready to hit large retailers!

Benefits of the product
  • - Chain won’t pull apart
  • - Strong suction with easy locking mechanism
  • - Easy to clean
  • - Safe to chew
  • - Meets all US children’s product safety standards
  • - Builds problem solving, independence and confidence in children
  • - Saves a caregivers’ sanity
  • - Promotes maintaining a germ free, dirt free toy or sippy cup – chew away little ones!
  • - Rings are squishy and entertaining
  • - Can be used in multiple ways and with multiple attachments as your child grows

Campaign Objectives
  • - New retail ready packaging perfect for the big box stores!
  • - Design and production of 4 new teethers
  • - Complete testing requirements in order to launch in UK/EU, Australia, New Zealand and Canada
  • - Renew USA testing certifications
  • - Secure product liability insurance renewal


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