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PSFK Adventures Boardgame

Be a part of educating our children, who will be inheriting our beautiful National Parks.  Help them learn in fun ways to appreciate the awe-inspiring lands that they should treasure and preserve as the next generation.  Teach them to protect these lands for all of the enjoyment of the people for many generations to come.



It's Time To Have Some Fun!

You are the first to roll the dice...you travel on the highway in Yellowstone National Park... you just left Roosevelt Arch and are heading towards Old Faithful...you have always wanted to see Old Faithful, but on the way there you have to learn what is going on in the park before you can get to Old Faithful.   While traveling along the highway you find out that there is so much more to Yellowstone National Park than what you knew...now you are anxious to learn more and see other great features of the park.  Remember, though, others you are traveling along the highway with want to see them too and who ever gets to the 10 major features of the park first WINS the game. Park Smarts Adventures - Yellowstone Park Smarts is a fun filled, educational and inspirational game for the entire family.  Designed with illustrated features of the park, the board game is magnetic and double-sided 18" x 18"; summer themed on one side and winter themed on the other.   The first to visit all ten most popular features of the park is the winner of the game.  These features consist of Old Faithful, Inspiration Point, Lamar Valley, Chocolate Pots and more.  The game is designed for ages 4 and Up.  Plays up to 5 players, and can be played by 10 if a 10 - Piece game is purchased.   The 5 - Piece game is complete with five magnetic maneuvering pieces molded as bicycle, motor home, SUV, convertible and jeep.  Each player rolls the dice to move along the highway in each direction they want to go, based on the number on the die they rolled. The game is filled with educational questions for both adults and the younger.  Built into the game are other fun features that bring laughter and fun to the experience.  The 10 - Piece game includes all the vehicles listed above, plus a snowmobile, snowshoes, skis, sled and a snow coach. Yellowstone in the winter is a fun winter wonderland and the game teaches you about the wonders of this incredible park while you enjoy family play time. The magnetic features of Park Smarts Adventures Board Games create a more secure playing time.  It helps when, oops, someone accidentally hits the table too hard or while playing the game in a moving motor home.  Plus it adds more fun to the game. Park Smart Adventures - Yellowstone is the first of a series of board games that we will be rolling out to the public in the next few years.  Grand Canyon will be the next featured park and then Yosemite.  Ultimately, the series will include 25 or more unique adventure board games.

 Great Christmas Gift

Park Smarts Adventures - Yellowstone Board game will make the perfect Christmas Gift.  And now you can get the Park Smarts Adventures - Grand Canyon Board Game by choosing the Early Bird 2 Game Special. Delivery of products purchased during this campaign will be by Christmas.  What a great gift to put under the tree this holiday season.    The game is designed to be played by children and adults and encourages interaction and mutual learning. Getting your child, grandchild, nieces, nephews, neighbors and friend's kids a Park Smarts Adventures Board Game is a great way to show the holiday spirit, but remember adults love playing board games too, and they love to learn more about our national parks as much as youngsters do. The board game is packaged nicely into a glossy traditional board game box.

Board Game Market

The board game market is a multi-billion dollar market.  It may be a surprise to some that board games are out-selling electronic games by a two to one ratio. The renewed strength in classic board games, as well as the introduction of mass- market, family-friendly board games, is creating positive momentum for board game sales. Combined with the continued growth of independent board games aimed at adults, games and puzzles is likely to see some of its strongest sales growth in years in 2017, with value sales expected to grow by over 1% globally in US$ constant  prices. While mass-market classic board games and new family-oriented games are seeing modest increases in sales, independent board games continues to be one of the highest growth areas of games and puzzles.  Park Smarts Adventures will benefit from a recent trend of game publishers to expand titles based on one central general theme. For example, the most successful board game in history, Monopoly, offers numerous versions with a central design based on rules and components of previous games.  Monopoly has a national parks game that covers all the most popular parks though it will not generally be a direct competitor to Park Smarts Adventures which concentrates each game on one specific park and its many features.

Travelers to National Parks

National parks saw a record-setting number of visitors last year.  A new tally shows 330.97 million recreational visits to national parks last year, a 7.72% increase from the year before.   In 2016 visitation to national parks broke another record for the third year in a row. The NPS’ 2016 marketing effort included the Every Kid in The Park campaign, led by the White House, which set a goal of getting  every fourth-grader in the U.S. to visit at least one park between Sept. 1, 2016, and Aug. 31, 2017.   This campaign will continue for years to come. Park Smarts Adventures Board Games series is ripe for the market and ready to hit the mass-market game industry.  Your support will bring many youngsters and adults hours of fun while being educated on our beautiful National Parks.

Our Team

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="228"] Dodie Long/CKL As the Chief Kid Lover of Park Smarts for Kids, LLC she brings creativity and educational fun to the products developed by the company. Her love for children and our national parks inspires her daily to get products to the market to educate and engage children and adults to help preserve our national parks.[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="225"] Ron Long/CKE As the Chief Kid Educator, Ron brings rich and accurate content to all the kids games and puzzles created by Park Smarts for Kids, LLC. Ron has his degree in Journalism and has over 30 years experience in advertising and marketing.[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="230"] Robert Varga/CCG At Park Smarts for Kids, LLC Robert provides talents so very valuable to the team as our Chief Cad Guru. He has many skills, but the most important to our team is his CAD expertise.[/caption] We have others on our team that want to remain anonymous at this time, but they are certainly assets to the success of Park Smarts for Kids, LLC and all the products we are bringing to happy smiley faces.

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