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SightSaver Computer Glasses

Fight The Eyesight Harm Caused By Your Computer Screen Addiction With Melanin-Infused SightSaver Computer Glasses

If you are like most, you are in front of some computer (digital) screen from between 6 to 7.5 hours each day. Let’s be honest. Is that an addiction or what?! Harmful rays are “cooking” your eyes as you indulge your “binge watching.” And you are probably among the 99% of those doing this without any kind of protection for your precious eyes. But you aren’t going to stop using these devices, are you? (Of course not.) So the only solution to sparing your eyes from the harmful HEV (blue light) assault they receive daily from these screens is to wear some form of effective eye protection. HEV (blue light) rays are as harmful as the better-known UVA and UVB rays we protect ourselves from by wearing sunglasses when we go outdoors.  These HEV rays are the indoor silent assassin that is like repeatedly poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick. But we are turning a blind eye (the pun is intended) to the problem. You must fight this silent, insidious, unrelenting attack on your irreplaceable eyes and help them survive the digital age.

What is the harm these HEV (blue light) rays are causing?

Many people experience Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). This can be eye fatigue and eye strain, blurred vision, dry or irritated eyes, headaches, and loss of sleep. (Unprotected computer watching a few hours before bedtime suppresses melatonin – making it harder to sleep.) And as if this weren’t bad enough, mature adults can experience increased likelihood of macular degeneration and cataracts as the HEV rays harm the retina and macula of their eyes.   90% of children who use a computer more than 3 hours a day suffer vision problems. (And as we know, their actual use is MUCH longer!) Computer Addiction has NO Age limits! You must help younger people protect themselves.

What Does Harvard Medical School Have to Say About This?

“Exposure to blue light emitted by electronics is harmful to your health. Consider wearing blue-blocking glasses.” Now that’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

Seeking a solution that provides VISION INSURANCE

Since you aren’t going to stop watching digital devices, the solution is to wear protective computer eyewear. But all computer glasses are not created equal. What you should want is serious, professional protection – NOT some simple colored lenses in a cheap, flimsy frame that are often advertised in catalogs or found on Amazon. You need meaningful, effective VISION INSURANCE.

Why are these new SightSaver Computer Glasses the state-of-the-art  Professional Protection you need?

These lenses are infused with a scientifically proven, proprietary synthetic melanin called Melaneye. (Synthetic melanin was first created in the labs at Yale Medical Research Center.) Natural melanin is the body’s protection against harmful rays. In addition to our skin, it is also found in the retina of our eyes – but we lose it as we age. Use of synthetic melanin can counteract this loss. The Melaneye infused into SightSaver lenses is what sets them apart from ordinary, colored computer glasses.   Do your eyes deserve the Cadillac of computer glasses? Or would you have them settle for a Chevrolet? What other features set SightSaver Computer Glasses apart from the competition and add to the Benefits you receive?
  • - Our stylish frames are made from TR-90 – which is a high-end material usually found only in designer eyewear costing $200 to $300 and more.  This material is more attractive and durable than ordinary materials.
  • - The frames are intentionally a “wrap-around” style.  This provides maximum protection by keeping out more ambient, unfiltered light that would otherwise try to reach your eyes from around the edge of the frames.
  • - We have a detachable inner frame that fits inside the larger frame.  Those needing prescription lenses can detach this frame, take it to their optician, and have their prescription lenses placed in this frame. Then simply re-attach this smaller frame. If you don’t need the smaller, inner frame, simply detach it. Our eyewear is designed to be for everyone.
  • - An added benefit of melanin-infused lenses is they promote greater visual acuity with sharper definition and contrast.

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Summarizing the Benefits

Unless you’ve been living on the dark side of the moon, in one way or another, you are addicted to our many forms of digital devices and their screens.  We know you aren’t going to stop using these devices, so the only solution is to protect yourself – AND the younger people in your life who think of themselves as indestructible.  (You will likely have to step in and do the right thing for them by getting them a pair of these glasses.)  The more immediate Benefits you will experience are relief from Computer Vision Syndrome and its afflictions.  The longer term – and perhaps more critical Benefits - are the reduced odds of experiencing macular degeneration and cataracts.  These GOALS are worth achieving.   Think of having and wearing SightSaver Computer Glasses as being insurance for your eyes – and acting as a counter-weight to Computer Addiction.

How important is this?   Consider this analogy

What if we had a device that helped protect us in much the same way a safety belt warning does in our cars?   When we turn on a computer or other digital device, there should be a warning buzzer that would not shut up or shut off until we put on our Computer Glasses.   Safety First!  Maybe I should develop this as my next product and project.  :) SightSaver Computer Glasses are an insurance policy for your eyes!

A Word to the KulaBrands Community

I believe it is hard to argue against the idea that EVERYONE should be wearing SightSaver Computer Glasses when they are watching digital devices. We have a product both Harvard and Yale research support.  How many products can say that? With the marketing and sales expertise of Peter and the KulaBrands Team, coupled with the “state of the art” nature of this products' features and benefits, this product has the potential to become a significant commercial success and reward all in our Community who back it. Help start this “road to success” by pledging your support.  Pledge not only to receive a pair for yourself, but also for those family members you love and who also deserve protection from the eyesight ravages of computer addiction.

An Additional Important Note For Your Consideration

My Company – HiTekSpeks – has already had two modestly successful Crowdfunders for technologically-enhanced eyewear. If you wish, you can choose a pledge “perk” that includes receiving either or both of these great products.  An added BONUS of your support for this Campaign (whether you choose a “perk” that includes these products or not) is they will be made available for StoreKula in the future to be sold as additional products to produce sales for you. You can review these products – and their features and benefits -  on their respective Indiegogo Campaign pages. SightSaver Sunglasses  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sightsaver-sunglasses-sunscreen-for-your-eyes/x/11121188#/ NightDrive Eyewear  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nightdrive-owns-the-night/x/11121188#/  I look forward to your support for this Campaign – and a successful future together taking these worthy products forward to future sales success.

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