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Humble G the Fidla

The Evolution of Humble G Tha Fiddla https://youtu.be/-dsnIjtcWIg
Humble G tha Fiddla, born Myles Smith, is an international performer and Award Winning Violinist from Cleveland, Ohio and Alumni of the Cleveland School of the Arts. While a student there, he was accepted to the Music School Settlement and later went on to study at the Cleveland Institute of Music (one of America’s top private, independent music conservatories) where he played directly under the tutelage of the former President of CIM and Concert Master of the internationally renowned Cleveland Orchestra, Dr. Joel Smirnoff. Throughout the early days of his music career, at only 15, Humble found prestige as one of only two youth to play in the Cleveland Suburban Orchestra & the Beachwood Symphony Orchestra, leading him to become an organic song writer & composer. Humble has a steady growing fan base for his music and his stage performance gives audiences an experience that is both electrifying and educational. He is coined the R.S.V.P of entertainment, which is also the name of his first EP -an acronym for Rapper, Singer, Violinist, Producer. Humble has provided entertainment for all types of venues including corporate events, weddings, schools, and more too numerous to mention. He has graced stages from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, to the U.S. Tennis Opening at Flushing Meadows in New York. He has honorably played for government officials across all political parties, including mayors, governors, senators and presidential candidates. Most noteworthy is his performance for our 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, in an historic accomplishment as the first ever musical act to perform during his campaign.
Humble G has shared the stage with numerous artists such as KRS 1, Bun B, Nick Cannon, V. Bozeman, Dru Carey, Kindred the Family Soul, Ohio PlayersPlayersp, Bone Thugs -n- Harmony, Plies, Kim Coles and Force MDs to name a few. His unique style incorporates original music with layers of texture that fuse the classic strings of the Violin with new age rhythms of world music to create an experience that moves the soul. Never before has there been an artist that combines the lyrical prowess of Jay-Z, the musicality & showmanship of Michael Jackson & the classical technique of Joshua Bell to form an original, illuminating musical experience that moves all ages. Currently, Humble is expanding his project with new, highly exhilarating & inspirational music and videos that bring to life the fullness of his mission and vision.
One such project slated for 2019, is the filming of a music video in the heart of Miami, titled "Unforgettable" -a vibrant love song with a soft Afro-beat undertone that paints the picture of an unforgettable love connection with culturally flavorful verses from Humble G and a featured Spanish speaking artist from the Dominican Republic.
Slated to be directed by Crystle Clear Roberson -Season Four Director for Oprah Winfrey’s Greenleaf show (on the OWN network), the video will embody the colorful rhythms, style & diversity of the Miami area complimented by a diverse sultry & exciting dance culture. 
The video is the first in a series of musical projects from Humble G that are slated to be filmed as a documentary capturing his artistic journey and other upcoming cross-continental collaborations with several popular Artists from the U.S. to South Africa. The journey will follow Humble across the Atlantic ocean highlight new music collaborations with some of South Africa’s rising Pop & Hip-Hop stars while capturing the intimate world of their collective creative process.
With a strong production team that consists of Artists, Film Makers, Producers & Professionals from both countries, this is sure to be a unique & groundbreaking experience that will pilot further international collaborations for The Humble G Project & the launch of Humble’s world moniker, Mr. International –a persona that reflects his electrifying style of performance, forward fashion & ability to connect genres & generations.
Along with preparing new material, he is also working to further his HIP-HŌP Nation (pronounced Hip-Hope) Movement of bringing the conscious awareness of positive music back to Hip-Hop and using the platform as a way to change the frequencies of young people all over the world. With a Master’s in Noetic Science, Humble’s core practice centers around the embodiment of Faith, Belief & Intention as an active toolset in his music. His Stop the Hate school tour incorporated many of these principles with an emphasis on Anti-Bullying & Edutainment -educating while entertaining; a unique presentation whereby Humble actively engages young audience members to listen & dissect the musical arrangement of the violin (accompanied by positive lyrical content) and using that to illustrate the power of embracing their unique individuality while believing in themselves.
Humble uses his own testimony of persevering through being bullied as a way to drive home the message of belief in one’s self & capabilities, in order to transform & transcend to a level of Greatness. He also sheds light on his incredible weight loss transformation & how music was the conduit that pushed him to his next level of Greatness in becoming a Violin Virtuoso. His College & Arts Institute residencies often encompass the same level of engagement but with deeper dialogue around the evolution of music as a platform for social & environmental wellness & change and oft time includes his HIP-HŌP Ambassador Team (a coalition of dancers, dj, drummers & other artists that act as supporting features during performances & specialized workshops). Hip-Hope Nation is a living entity & will continue to grow & help shift the popular world influence of Hip-Hop with a revamped Spread the Hope tour that speaks to Humble’s mission to bring Hip-Hop back to a place of upliftment to the human spirit.

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