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World Art by Jason Juranek

In all my years as an artist time has shown me that it's never too late to follow your dreams as long as you are clear on them! Although I've spent a vast majority of my life chasing it, I've only begun to realize the most important dream of mine had been in my own hands the whole time, literally. I've always been a very deep spiritual person and have spent a lot of time contemplating life and the purpose of mine. And even though, for me, the creator had tried very diligently to lead me to my calling, I did my best to resist it time and time again! Let me rephrase that, I wasn't necessarily resisting it, I was just never clear on the path to get me where I wanted to be. There I was doing everything I could to try and get what I always truly wanted and was never sure how to get there. Only recently have I realized that all these years all I really needed to do was just paint, master my craft, and let life lead me to this point as everything I had done for my art career had a purpose.
Truthfully, all I've ever wanted was for the world to enjoy and appreciate my gift. As long as I can remember art has been a huge influence in my life! At the age of 3 when most children are playing with crayons, I had already picked up pencil and charcoal and started to sketch. And by the time I was seven years of age my father, realizing that I had a special gift had bought me my first set of paints and canvasses and set me free! I grew up idolizing the great artists of the world and followed along as I tried to develop myself and my style. Tried my hands at many different types of art such as impressionism, contemporary, abstract, but eventually landed in photo-realism and now even hyper-realism. Every painting I've created up to now was meant to look as real as possible, to give the observer the feeling that they could reach out and touch what they could see. All my life I had been told that I should do my art for a living, but it was only five years ago that I started really pursuing it as a career. It all started with my wife influencing me to do an art exhibit at a local book store years prior! She actually set up the whole thing, I just hung the work and prayed that It would sell. Little did I realize that years later my art would literally sell itself with very little influence to do so. Over time I had done work with the local art center, but eventually I met my mentor in the field and she was so impressed with my style of work that she invited me to show my work regularly at a gallery she was running at the time. It was my mentor who then influenced me to enter art shows and contests to help my name grow in the industry. I have been published on covers and then eventually again because of my wife I was interviewed in a Texas based magazine. After that I had been chosen to do a mural for the museum of science and history, and that's when it really started to take off! Since then I have done many of murals and custom paintings for clients all over the globe. This Art Collectors book is a tribute to everyone that has helped me get on the path of becoming a professional fine artist.
Book Description:Book will be a hardback book with a gloss sleeve. The sleeve cover will have the picture of a dinosaur mural with me standing in front of it, and will be titled World Art By Jason Juranek, Edition #1. The back of the sleeve will have my logo brand. The interior of the front sleeve will have a short summarized description of me the artist with a picture of me above the description at the top and toward the bottom will be all the social sites to visit or follow. The rear interior sleeve will have a description of whom the book is dedicated to. Under the sleeve the hard cover will have the Title and the logo again embroidered on it. The 1st page of the book will have the logo of my brand again and the title again above it. The second, third, fourth, and fifth pages will have 2 full glossy page pictures of 2 paintings featured in the book. A blank page can separate the next page which will have the details of the book such as the publisher and copy write, Etc!! Next will be the content page numbering the series each chapter. Then there will be the same picture as the sleeve cover smaller and will have the full bio written under it on the author forward or author bio page. On each page before the chapter there will be the number of the chapter as well as a recomposed image of the painting or painting's featured in that chapter. The page after that will have each painting as they normally appear along with the title of that painting and a write up story on the page next to it, or below depending on the size of the image. Some may be a full page image while others may just take up half the page and the description below it. The paintings featured in each chapter will be 2-3 of each series of paintings I have completed. There might be pictures of my work space and tools I use, as well as places I visit to gather inspiration from throughout the book. The series in the book will include the Japan series, Norway Series, Hawaii Series, Flower Series plus the Pet and People Portrait Series! It will also have a chapter dedicated to a few Murals I have done in my career. The final pages will have the acknowledgments and dedications of the book and a list of the paintings featured and the number of the page they are on.
Letter to pledges or contributors:Fans and Friends, I would first like to thank all of you for taking part in this project for my Art Collectors Book! This book is a huge step forward to launching my art career and bringing awareness of my gift of painting photo-realism to the world. The money needed will be used to have the book published and printed, and will also be used to market the book as well as the number of rewards offered in the campaign. There will be a number of packages offered, and will range from prints, coffee cups, T-shirts, and throws. Also I will be offering a limited number of personalized custom paintings for those that desire them. Keep in mind that if having a custom painting is what you are desiring as a reward get with us sooner as it will be limited, first come first serve. I will have a few paintings for the rewards that will have Colorless Flawless Diamonds in laid that will create an astonishing effect. This is for the Art Collector Enthusiast and will be at the Top of the crowdfunding rewards! Thank you ALL so much again and looking forward to this beautiful Art Collectors Book and sharing all my work with you all.  

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