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The MobiCard APP is the ultimate discount APP offering online shopping, local shopping, and national discounts ... just to list a few. With everything at your fingertips this remarkable APP has it all. Business websites, contact information, and directions to store front are just a click away. Easily see the amazing local offers.
  • New offers added daily
  • Online shopping
  • Specialty store listings (ebay, etsy, facebook, Amazon, website store etc...)
  • Affordable Yearly or Monthly Memberships

“Tashi: Pass Along The Good Fortune!"




Think of MobiCard as a hybrid between a business listing and a discount card. You can even say it is a mix of every type of marketing you have done. Here are a few of our highlights:
  • See exactly how many times your discounts have been viewed
  • See how many times your coupons have been downloaded
  • See how many times your coupons have been redeemed
  • Change your offers anytime
    • If your offer isn’t working … change it! If your offer is working too well … change it! If you have 500 coupon views, and only 10 people use them, or the opposite happens … change your offer to something that works. It really is that simple!
  • No long term contracts (month to month)
Why do customers buy Mobicard?
  • Support fundraisers and charities
  • For discounts and shopping
  • Personal mobile resource for local businesses, products, and services
Reach Consumers
  • Locally
  • Regionally
  • Nationally
  • Visiting or Traveling to Your Area
Consumer Exposure... How?
  • Physically Navigating MobiCard
  • Featured on MobiCard’s facebook page
  • Featured on social media
  • Weekly reminders to use MobiCard
  • Redeemable coupons have expiration reminders sent via text
  • Redeemable offers can be shared by:
    • Social Media
    • Text
    • Email
  • NOTE: When REDEEMABLE OFFERS are shared, the customer information is added to the customer database associated with your offer. These customers can be marketed to DIRECTLY over and over again!
How Consumers Reach You
  • GPS Navigation to Your Store
  • Click To Call
  • Social Media Links
  • Website/Online Store Links
What Makes MobiCard Better For You
  • Choose Your Level of Participation
  • Tracking Coupon View At All Levels
  • Redeemable Coupon Tracking:
    • Coupon Views
    • Coupon Downloads
    • Coupon Redeems
    • Coupon Shares
  • Think of MobiCard As A Hybrid Business Listing
  • Include Your Video Commercial
  • Manage Your Offers
  • Change Your Offers At Any Time
  • Package Options:
    • Free Option
    • Pay Per Download Option
    • Premium Placement Listing Options
  • MobiCard links on social media and websites increase your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization, ie. Google Placement)
How Consumers Get MobiCard
  • Direct Sales and Marketing
  • Corporate Sales
  • Fundraisers
  • Charities
  • Affiliate Sales and Marketing
Current Business Types/Categories
  • Local Businesses:
    • Retail Shopping
    • Entertainment
    • Services
    • Dining
    • Grocery
    • Family
    • Destinations
  • National Businesses:
    • Retail Chains
    • Dining Chains
    • Entertainment Chains
    • Grocery Chains
    • Travel
    • Resorts
  • Online Shopping
    • Website
    • Online Stores
  • Specialty Shopping
    • Etsy
    • eBay
    • Amazon, as well as others

Why Choose MobiCard for Your Fundraiser?

The Premier Mobile APP For Your Fundraiser

  • Your group keeps 50%
  • When people renew, your group still gets 50%! (This is a growing RESIDUAL income)
  • Personalize the APP for your school or group (Logos, Video Clips, Events, etc.)
  • Business Sponsors? Bring them on board MobiCard and you receive 25% (100 businesses could be $2,500 per month for you!)
  • No up front costs! (Custom skin, school logo, branding and more.)
  • More value to your customers
    • More local discount offers
    • Use MobiCard nationwide (where available)
  • Weekly reminders (via APP) to use local offers on the MobiCard
  • No cards or books to lose. MobiCard is always on your smartphone
  • No other discount card offers the Mobility of the MobiCard
  • Easy fundraising! In person and social media. Everyone wants discounts on their phone.
  • Use anywhere! MobiCard works locally and in other cities
  • No money or checks to lose. Supporters buy MobiCard on their phone and have instant access to discounts
    • No more waiting. No cards. No books. No fuss!
    • Buy it now. Use it now. Love it!
11-17-2016-2-01-10-pm If you have 20 members of your organization (club, team, etc.), you might give each member a GOAL of selling 10 MobiCards. The total number of MobiCards expected to be sold is 200. The retail price for each MobiCard is $25 each. Your group earns $12.50 (50%) for each MobiCard sold. In this scenario, your group would earn 200 x 12.50 = $2,500!     11-17-2016-2-01-59-pm Your organization (club, team, etc.) needs to raise $6,000. How many MobiCards do you need to sell to reach your goal? $6,000 divided by $12.50 = 480 MobiCards. If you have 20 members in your group, each member would need to sell 24 MobiCards to reach the organization GOAL of $6,000.

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