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Jacelyn Holmes

My name is Jacelyn and I’m an artist. I have been one since the day I was born. Seriously, how did my parents know to make my birth announcement in such a way? I was a child actress: (Adam Sandler and I on set filming Billy Madison) Then a professional theatre actress: Finally, I found music: FOOL music video: And then started to fold in TV/Film again a few years later: All along my journey, I had a hard time believing in my talents and gifts, yet convinced of my (lack of) worthiness through my insecurities, always trying to prove myself but feeling like I was just never enough. However, recently, with the help and support of many special and very talented people in the industry and doing some self work and self care both assisted and individually (love yourself first!), I’ve realized that there is absolutely nothing for me to prove. I am an artist. I am talented. I have an unstoppable vision and I am going to make an impact on the world and connect with others using music and entertainment. AND I am absolutely enough! It’s simple: When I sing, I am singing AS connection. I love what I do and I love sharing it with YOU. So…. “Help, I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody.” -The Beatles I borrowed a LOT of money from family, friends and strangers to put together my first full length album, Dovetailing, sparing no expense. First, writing for four years with songwriters from all over the globe then workshopping my sound and brand with a renowned label in Canada, Coalition Music, and finally spending time in New York city over the past 2 years working with acclaimed producer, composer, and pianist, Amina Figarova (14 album releases, countless producer credits, symphony scores, and an award winning musical) along with her team and rolodex of contacts, to support the album we created together. To then finally record in studios from Toronto to NY, to finish recording and engineering the album at Systems Two (Frank Sinatra and Norah Jones) with a Grammy award winning team in Brooklyn, NY has been an epic ride. It’s my masterpiece, my debut. I’m raising funds to reimburse all the generous people who financed and believed in my vision, and to have enough money to be able to support the project through the marketing, promotion, radio/video content and touring phases throughout 2019 and beyond.  When one spends a substantial amount of time and money on a product or project, while collaborating with others at a high level of expertise, it is absolutely essential to put the same amount of financing in place to promote the product/project to the public. This is where most artists fall short. The success of any artist in the industry and international marketplace today depends on these factors to ‘make it’ in the music business. This is why I need your help. Together, we can reach the public in a big way and create a ROI for everyone on board! There are literally WAY too many people to thank and they absolutely know who they are. My gratitude journal is full of these names and the experiences I’ve had with them to arrive at this place, where I am today. I couldn’t have done it alone....so let me leave you with this thought... Believing in and supporting another human being’s dream is a loving act that reflects back to you and your universe- exactly that, more abundant love. I am love and you are love. Believe in love, believe in me. With gratitude and love, Jacelyn

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