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Born In June

Born In June

[embed]https://player.vimeo.com/video/242079092[/embed]   About the Lead Producer:


CEO / President

Dream, Believe, and Never Quit

Mr. Ross has extensive experience in feature film finance, production, screen writing, directing, producing, marketing, and distribution. 

In his 40 years of experience in the film and television industry, Mr. Ross has been an actor, feature film screenplay writer, script doctor, producer and director. He has also been an independent acting coach. In the early part of his career, Mr. Ross worked as a Hollywood Script Doctor and worked on and/or was part of many large productions, as well as authoring hundreds of screenplays. Some of the major companies he has worked for are Cinergi Pictures, Disney, Fox, and Universal. As an Independent Producer, Mr. Ross has had to acquire extensive experience in raising capital to finance films and television productions. As such, Stellaris Entertainment Finance was born. In that vein, as an Executive Producer and Film Consultant to other production companies, Mr. Ross has assisted in raising money and in controlling the distribution of their film to ensure a return on investment. Mr. Ross' feature film experience is as follows:

Associate Producer - "Shadow Conspiracy"
Cinergi Pictures, Inc.: Terry Collis (Producer)
Starring: Charlie Sheen and Donald Sutherland
Producer – “Lost and Found Family”
Writer – “Lost and Found Family”
Collis Bain Productions
Sony Distribution
Awarded 4 out 5 Doves by the Dove Foundation
Producer - "Street"Skin
Fly Entertainment
Starring - Casper Smart
Co-Producer - "The Broadway Brawler"
Cinergi Pictures: Lee Grant (Dir)
Starring: Bruce Willis
Co-Producer / Production Executive - "Quantum Project"
Metafilmics Productions: Barnett Bain (Exec. Prod.)
First Made for Internet Movie Starring: John Cleese
Co-Producer / Production Executive – “In The Middle”
Disney Productions: Tia Brelis – Director
Starring: Sissy Spacek
Associate Producer / Production Executive - "The Scarlet Letter"
Cinergi Films: Terry Collis Producer
Starring: Demi Moore and Gary Oldman
Director - "Night of Fire"
Pense Productions - Barnet Bain - Producer
Feature Short for Festival Release
Director - "The Making of the Celestine Prophecy"
Celestine Films - James Redfield - Producer
Documentary of the Major Motion Picture - The Celestine Prophecy
As a writer, Mr. Ross has spent several years as a Hollywood Script Doctor and has worked and/or been associated with many major films. (List provided upon request).In television, Mr. Ross has written countless commercials, documentaries and infomercials. In addition, Mr. Ross wrote, produced and directed the television show: "Las Vegas Up Close," which is currently airing on the Discovery Channel and in 10 different European cities.Mr. Ross has produced and directed several regional television shows, including: "All Around Town" and "You and Law," and a video magazine called "Toast of the Town."His education is as follows:•  B.A - Cinema & Technocultural Studies - University of California, Davis;•  MBA - Specialty - Marketing & Advertising - USC;•  USC Film School;•  Hollywood Film Institute - Specialty - Directing and Producing.Mr. Ross is the CEO and President of Stellaris International and Stellaris Films. For more information regarding the company, please click on the link below - STELLARIS. As CEO, Mr. Ross will be responsible for all corporate matters, defining the Company's vision, creating the corporate culture, and maintaining the directional focus to ensure that corporate goals and mandates are obtained.
Stellaris - A Galaxy of Stars The Factory - Hub of the Wheel Stellaris International Enterprises, or what we call "The Factory", is a business enterprise founded upon one of the most unique ideas to evolve in the media entertainment industry since the golden era of Hollywood. Its formula for success is based on a recipe comprised of business, scientific, and mathematical models that ensure the success in the areas of business management, economics, analytics, and marketing. All of it is necessary to ensure the success of a film, television show, web-series, and any other form of digital media without sacrificing artistic integrity. A feature film, television show, and even internet content are all products. Artistic? Yes, but nevertheless commodities that should be packaged and sent to market like any other product. In short, The Factory will provide entertainment product to meet a worldwide market demand, control the supply of that product, increase its market share, and control its profit stream.
The beauty of the system is that, in part, it is based on a marketing formula designed to ensure financial success with limited risks. Most of today's independent producers, especially producing at the low budget level, are not aware of this winning system, and fall victim to working with the distributors who control their content and thus the revenue stream.
The Factory is high profle, and precedent setting. It is a showcase for independent digital media production, spearheading new techniques in project development and market penetration, especially in the emerging Faith-Based markets. It has brought back the artistic quality and integrity to digital media production while creating a business platform that ensures financial success.
The Factory is currently comprised of seven independent companies mutually exclusive,yet working synergistically together to provide a the best digital media product for the Independent digital media industries and for global distribution:
Stellaris Films: Producing full length feature films;
Stellaris True North: Specializing in faith-based and spiritual digital content;
Stellaris IMAD: 'I'm Making a Difference', providing outreach informational support; Stellaris EDQ Animation: Producing full length animated films;
Stellaris TeleNet: Producing digital content for television and the internet;
Stellaris Film School, providing Workshops in Script Writing, Acting, Producing, and Directing;
Stellaris Entertainment Finance: Providing funding for all digital media content.
Stellaris' Board of Directors
Victoria Claibourn
Chief Operating Officer
Beyond her skill and experience at mastering operational issues, Ms. Claibourn's ability to help define the strategy that underpins the Company's vision, and then help take the lead in implementing it, makes her the perfect COO for Stellaris. 
In addition, Ms. Claibourn is the kind of Producer every production needs and wants. Her people management, administrative skills, money management, and leadership abilities are what ensures a seamless and efficient production. In addition to being an incredible producer and writer, Ms. Claibourn’s administrative and business background stems from years as a Paralegal, and in the management of medical and legal offices.
Ms. Claibourn’s feature film experience is as follows:
Producer - “Outwitting the Devil - With Definitive Measures”
Co-Writer - “Outwitting the Devil - With Definitive Measures”
Produced by: Stellaris Films
Producer - “Resurrection - Rise of the Rabisu”
Co-Writer - “Resurrection - Rise of the Rabisu”
Distributed by: Giordano World Entertainment
Co-Producer – “Broadway Brawler”
Cinergi Pictures - Lee Grant - Director
Bruce Willis
Co-Producer / Production Executive - "Quantum Project"
Metafilmics Productions: Barnett Bain (Exec. Prod.) First Made for Internet Movie
Starring: John Cleese
Producer - "Night of Fire"
Pense Productions - Barnet Bain - Producer
Feature Short for Festival Release
As a writer, Ms. Claibourn has teamed with Jeff Ross on several screenplays including “Outwitting the Devil - With Definitive Measures”, “In the Teeth of Justice" and "Bleeding Heart", which she will produce as well, and is currently writing a book.
Ms. Claibourn has also produced several television shows, commercials, and live productions.
Ms. Claibourn was formerly a co-owner of the Elan Agency, a talent agency where, in addition to numerous other functions, she organized casting calls for television and film projects.
As COO, Ms. Claibourn is in charge of helping to create and maintain the Company’s overall strategic goals, overseeing the Divisional Companies as they carry out the Company's mandates, measuring the results of the Divisional Companies’ implementation plans, overseeing the Company’s administration and logistics, as well as acting as liaison with legal; and will report to the CEO and Board of Directors.
Kevin Delehanty
Chief of Corporate Development
Kevin Monroe Delehanty has been an entrepreneur in the business and entertainment world for over 30 years. The bulk of Mr. Delehanty's time has been spent as a commercial real estate broker and developer.
During his career, Mr. Delehanty has been involved in the financing of several private companies including, most recently, an animation and feature film studio. Mr. Delehanty was recruited by Mr. Ross to join the team at Stellaris, assist in financing and management, and to become a member of the board of directors of the company. His business acumen, management and organizational skills, and his ability to discern lucrative and profitable projects, make Mr. Delehanty invaluable to the management team.
Mr. Delehanty attended Southern Methodist University, a member of the League of Professional Theater Training Programs, where he earned a B.F.A. in theater after being admitted to the highly regarded acting program in the Meadows School of the Arts. He also earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the prestigious Edwin L. Cox School of Business.
Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger
Executive Vice President - Creative Development
Against all odds on a gridiron in South Bend, Indiana, Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, in twenty-seven seconds, carved his name into history books as perhaps the most famous graduate of the University of Notre Dame. The son of an oil refinery worker and the third of 14 children, Rudy rose from valleys of discouragement and despair to the pinnacles of success. Today, he is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the United States. It took years of fierce determination to overcome obstacles and criticisms, yet Rudy achieved his first dream - to attend Notre Dame and play football for the Fighting Irish. As fans cheered "RU-DY, RU-DY," he sacked the quarterback in the last 27 seconds of the only play in the only game of his college football career. He is known to be the only player in the school's history to be carried off the field on his teammates' shoulders. In 1993, TRISTAR Productions immortalized his life story with the blockbuster film, RUDY. Written and produced by Angelo Pizzo and David Anspaugh, the award-winning team who brought us HOOSIERS, the critically acclaimed RUDY received "Two Thumbs Up" from Siskel and Ebert and continues to inspire millions worldwide.
“Yes I can”
Today, a highly sought after motivational speaker, Rudy entertains international corporate audiences with a unique, passionate, and heartfelt style of communicating. He reaches school children, university students, and professional athletes with that same enthusiasm, portraying the human spirit that comes from his personal experiences of adversity and triumph. His captivating personality and powerful message of "YES I CAN" stay with his audiences forever. Rudy's opening remarks receive thunderous applause and standing ovations from audiences of 200 to 20,000 people who emotionally chant "RU-DY, RU-DY!”
Rudy has appeared on various high profile nationally televised talk shows and radio shows across the country, is featured in national magazine publications, and has been honored with the key to many cities in the United States with special proclamations for his inspiration, commitment, and human spirit. Rudy received an Honorary Doctorate Degree from Our Lady of Holy Cross College, the Distinguished American Award, A Proclamation from the Governor of Nevada granting an Official Rudy Award Day, was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame, and spoke at the White House during the presidencies of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.
He co-founded the RUDY FOUNDATION, whose mission is to strengthen communities by offering scholarships in education, sports, and the performing arts.
As Executive VP of Creative Development, Mr. Reuttiger will seek out content, be the social networking face of the Company, assist all Divisional Heads with whatever they need to develop business, introduce Corporate heads to new projects and potential clients, and help develop new business and business ideas.
Aggie Kobrin
Vice President of Marketing & Events
Aggie Kobrin is founder and director of CEC Global Events and CEC Global LLC, event and media management companies that have produced hundreds of events with excellent results for global clients. With over 15 years in the event management industry, she has demonstrated expertise in areas ranging from conferences, trade shows, high profile functions, concerts, red carpet premiers, training programs and much more.  CEC Global has produced events ranging from 50 – 5000 participants and has worked in conjunction with other companies in the production of events with over 30,000 attendees.
Clients range from nonprofits to member organizations, small businesses and fortune 500 corporations.  Aggie is a member of several boards, including the National Space Society, the Children’s Book Festival and the Green Festivals. Her clients benefit from her extensive national and global network and sphere of influence, she brings expertise, experience and creativity to all that she does.  Aggie has been a creative force on several films and television shows and has been a contributing author to several books.  In addition to that she speaks on event operations and management, networking and crowdfunding on a regular basis.
She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Administration from York University, Toronto, Canada. She currently lives in Irvine, California with her husband and three children.  CEC Global Events is based in Southern California.
Marcum Davis
Stellaris True North - President
Mr. Davis grew up as a pastor’s son in a mega church in the San Francisco Bay Area and, as a pastor’s son, he has had unique opportunities to see the impact of the church - both good and bad. Beneath all of that is a dedication to his faith and family values. He co-founded the Santa Cruz chapter of the Coalition for Traditional Values, and observed various projects come and go through traditional church marketing channels when his father served as the publisher for Gospel Light in the 90’s. His own career in business and entertainment has allowed him to be part of many creative projects. He brings a combination of traditional business experience and creativity to the Team.
Mr. Davis worked on the lot at Paramount Studios writing business plans for independent film companies. It was there that he met Jeff Ross, founder of Stellaris International. That relationship grew and became a natural fit for Mr. Davis to help launch the TRUE NORTH divisional company of Stellaris.
Mr. Davis has served in active ministry throughout his life. He has served as a worship leader, men’s ministry director, and as children’s ministry actor in the “Caraway Street” programs.
In short, Mr. Davis has been involved in many innovative and progressive business, marketing, and entertainment projects over the past 25 years.
He adds a depth of traditional business experience that brings broader perspective to motion picture projects and corporate branding. His experience and skill sets have been honed while serving roles such as CEO of a publicly traded company, game show developer, startup entrepreneur, seven-figure funding acquisition for an offshore development, and themed retail design consultant.
He has been quoted as saying, “I believe we have an opportunity to bring real hope to people through captivating stories. Jesus used stories to deliver truth. Paul used analogies to reach the un-churched. Audiences are looking to be inspired. We live in the greatest time in world history for telling stories that can be spread across the globe. This is our call.”
Bob Landi
Stellaris IMAD - President
Mr. Landi is an award winning California educator, author, trainer of trainers, motivational speaker, education and business consultant, entrepreneur and founder of Today’s Kids are Tomorrow’s World. His passion to affect positive change in this nation’s compulsory system of education was born as a result of his association with like-minded professionals early in his career.
In the mid 1970’s, a network of health care professionals in Orange County, California formed a study group in an attempt to find an answer to a common and puzzling problem they were all experiencing. The group included Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Internists and Pediatricians, all of whom were seeing children in their practices that were getting sick as a result of what was going on in school. Because the cases were so widespread, they set out to determine what things in a “teaching/learning” environment could be as “toxic” to the human organism as to make it sick.
Because the issue was school related, the key players of that group invited one educator to become an integral part of their study group. Bob Landi was that educator. They worked closely together for three years. Through their research, study and testing, they discovered a ‘flaw’ in the basic foundation of our nation’s compulsory education system. Unfortunately, that ‘flaw’ was there by design; and it was systemic. As a result, the educator and two of the psychologists created a program to not only overcome that flaw – but also to reverse its affect. The foundation of that program was a positive-shaping delivery mechanism. Woven into the tapestry of the program were principles, concepts, strategies and techniques designed to work in concert with the laws of nature. The “positive shaping program” was implemented in schools. The results were dramatic.
Because the program’s foundation is designed to work in concert with natural human tendencies – it applies to adults as well as children. Bob is collaborating with Stellaris International, The June Jones Foundation, The Og Mandino Group, Foundation for Economic Empowerment, and the Charitable Giving Foundation in the development of systemized programs and tools designed to take individuals from the point of Self-Empowerment to Self-Reliance.
When Mr. Landi agreed to join the referenced organizations to help them realize their missions – he gave as his rationale these words spoken by Horace Mann – the father of American education - as he was delivering a commencement speech to the graduating class of Antioch College in 1859: “I beseech you to treasure up in your hearts these my parting words: Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity!”
University of Connecticut:
BA: Psychology
Central Connecticut State University:
MS: Education
California State University, Long Beach:
MS: Administration
Richard Nicklaus
Stellaris EDQ Animation - President
Mr. Richard Nicklaus is co-founder of EDQ. Mr. Nicklaus is the recipient of the “Life Time Achievement Award” from the Recording Academy, (Grammys), for “Outstanding Contributions To The Music Community.”
With his background in computer technologies, since 1979 Mr. Nicklaus has been key to the groundbreaking concepts and technologies developed for EDQ. In 2002, he worked with the AMD design team that created the real-time sampling-processing chip for music and video. He has collaborated in the development of computer generated musical applications and animation/rendering technologies for EDQ.
Mr. Nicklaus has held various positions in film production, music production, music publishing, music composition, orchestration, television and marketing. In the early 70’s, he held a publishing and song writing position with Chapel Music, Los Angeles. In 1978, Mr. Nicklaus won the Ginza Music Festival Award. In 1986, Mr. Nicklaus acted as a Director of Promotions with Chiat/Day, California Cooler accounts. Additionally, he has vast experience as a Producer for television specials featuring Mac Davis, the Pointer Sisters, Dolly Parton, Dionne Warwick, Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, and many others.
Mr. Nicklaus was a producer of the critically acclaimed weekly PBS television show, CD Highway. Mr. Nicklaus is an original member of the legendary rock group, The Kingsmen, most noted for their hit Louie, Louie, called by some “the national anthem of rock-’n’-roll.” In 1998, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a precedent setting decision won by Mr. Nicklaus in Federal Court protecting the rights of recording artists and the proprietary rights with regard to film and intellectual properties. In 2006, Mr. Nicklaus released his first book, “Louie Louie, Me Gotta Go Now.”
Stellaris' Divisional Companies
The Spokes of the Wheel
Stellaris Films
The Factory in Poetic Motion
The Divisional Company - Stellaris Films is the flagship and anchor of Stellaris. The model from which the Company was designed took its blueprint from how Stellaris Films develops, finances, produces, markets, and distributes feature films. In application, Stellaris Films is the epitome of science and art working side by side.
Although the company focuses on providing high-end, quality commercial films of most genres, its main target is PG, family-based films that are also motivational and inspirational. Films like Rudy and Blind Side. Many of these films (two of which are in Pre-development and Preproduction -  Born In June and Sedona Sage), are able to cross over to the Faith-based market and, as such, Stellaris Films will work closely with Stellaris True North (see below).
Stellaris True North
Inspiration Through Entertainment
This company, under the Stellaris banner will specialize in Faith-Based content. For the purposes of market strategy, Faith-based content will be defined as Christian/Judaic Fundamentalism.
The focus is to produce faith-based content to that dedicated market, while developing that content so as to appeal to the Secular/Mainstream marketplace. Thus, helping to bridge the gap between the two sectors. In this vein, True North will work closely with three of its sister companies: Stellaris Films, initially collaborating on such films as - The Disciples of Christ, The Christ Commission, The World’s Greatest Salesman, The Secrets of the Lost Scroll; with Stellaris TeleNet, implementing spiritual and inspirational television shows through, and the development and distribution of, spiritual/inspirational based web programming; and Stellaris IMAD, which is charged with ensuring that the compelling messages from the films will continue to be embraced by the market sectors.
Stellaris True North will develop and solicit spiritual/inspirational content from around the world and bring it to life via the following media venues: feature films, television, and webisodes.
In short, the goal of the Company is to develop, produce and distribute digital media content that fosters hope and inspiration to people around the world.
For the above goal to be successful, both in accomplishments and profit, it is imperative that Stellaris develop a proactive, Faith-based campaign. To do that, it is important to employ an Executive with experience in spiritual-based programming and media distribution experience to run this division. We believe that we have found that individual in Marcum Davis. (See Board of Directors above.)
In addition, the distribution of Faith-based content is a specialty in and of itself. To ensure that the exploitation of the Company’s content reaches the right market effectively, the Company has recruited marketing expert, Don Stillman, to develop and execute Faith-based marketing plans and promotions for Stellaris.
Leveraging his access to America's 300,000+ churches and their most influential leaders, pastors and media ministries, Stellaris’ films and media content will resonate as a powerful and inspirational "must see" for millions of people of faith everywhere. Using his 30-million name Christian database to advantage, Don and his team will help deliver this powerful group of consumers to the box office, and everywhere Stellaris media products are sold.
Stellaris IMAD
I'm Making A Difference
Stellaris’ IMAD. (I’m Making A Difference) Program is a divisional company of Stellaris. It is fundamentally a cause oriented, principle based organization with a primary goal of providing opportunities, strategies, tools and programs to provide people pathways to Self-Empowerment – then to Self-Reliance! I-M.A.D. Programs will be both Virtual and Live.
The impetus - the lightning rod that will drive people to IMAD’s Programs is Stellaris International’s Flagship: A feature film based on Napoleon Hill’s book, Outwitting the Devil. Outwitting the Devil is a faith based film that will move and inspire people and provide them with the hope that they can make their lives more successful, meaningful and fulfilling.
IMAD’s work begins when people leave the theater with hope instilled by the film – and are looking for a “place to go” to find the answers they seek. Hope alone is not enough for the uncertainties, self-doubts, fears, and self-destructive behaviors that haunt people today. These behaviors are at epidemic proportions and, unless hope is followed by “productive actions,” it will dissipate and disappear like a puff of smoke.
IMAD is designed to provide people with that “place to go” - a place that will present opportunities to engage in programs and activities that will solidify and sustain that hope– then take it to belief - then to productive behaviors – and on to a sense of Self-Empowerment and Self-Reliance!
As stated – the IMAD Programs will be both Virtual and Live, featuring but not limited to: Live Events (Seminars & Workshops), Reality TV & Talk Shows, Interactive Multi-Media Programs, Virtual Training, Professional & Personal Development, Mentoring and Coaching, Multi-Player Interactive Games & Animated & Situational Interactivities, Webinars & Webcasts, as well as Printed Training Materials.
IMAD will have its own sub-divisions/departments which will include, but not be limited to such areas as Education, Publishing, Speakers Bureau, Marketing & Public Relations, Event Coordination, Program Production, Strategic Partner Development & Relations, Children’s Program Development, Production & Delivery, along with Philanthropic and For Profit Divisions. These components favor a profit-oriented structure that will finance growth of each division from their own success and developmental and ongoing evolution.
The desired outcome of IMAD is to utilize every creative and delivery resource available to us to help create Self-Motivated, Self-Empowered, Self-Reliant Contributing members of Society – for the realization of our lofty goals will not only help the individuals engaged in our program – but also the nation as a whole! The need is evident – and the time is now!
In short, IMAD is the central source for extending the core messages of the variety of content that Stellaris produces, especially that content that is Faith Based and Spiritual Based (motivational and inspirational). The goal of this company/division is to provide services and materials to individuals around the world that either embrace the messages of empowerment, faith, and inspiration inherent in Stellaris' content, or are in need of it. In addition, the company/division will maintain an educational role, while continuing to raise the awareness of the company's existing services.
Stellaris EDQ Animation
Redefining the Meaning of State-Of-The-Art
The animation film has long been accepted as a true art form and one that movie-goers embrace. Walt Disney created an empire on the cartoon. Today, however, animation, which includes Motion Capture, 3D-IMax, and other forms of visual and special effects has become a major industry with no end in sight. However, up to now animated feature films have been the exclusive domain of the large studio system. Now...we have EDQ.
Stellairs EDQ Animation, LLC (EDQ) was formed by a unique group of artists to inspire the youth and to spark an interest in the arts and it’s many related vocations. Our objective is to encourage creativity and inspire children by exposing the students to the individual elements of the music, film, dance, animation, staging, sound, lighting, Foley, writing, painting and the supporting vocations required from the arts.
EDQ stands alone among its peers. Unlike any other animation production studio in the world, due to our unique proprietary software and technological process, EDQ can now produce a full-length animation film for a fraction of the needed man-power and at one tenth the price of a regular animated film.
Imagine Tangled, Shrek 3, Up, Toy Story 3, or Cars 2, which all cost over $190 million dollars to produce, now costing in the neighborhood of $14 M, and instead of taking 2 to 4 years to complete, having this type of quality film, Adventures In The 4th World, could be completed within 15 to 17 months!
Now, imagine further those same films, whose box office returns range between $400 to $500 million dollars still obtaining those revenue platforms while costing only $14 million to produce.
It all begins with our first feature film, “Huggins”, formerly titled Adventures in the Fourth World.”
“Huggins” is an animated feature film based on an Original Musical Story by our Managing Director Richard Nicklaus.  For more information on EDQ or Huggins, click on link below.
Stellaris TeleNet
The Future of Programming
To ensure competitiveness in this industry, constant innovation is imperative. We are already working on several initiatives that will enhance our current offerings. These include:
•   Quality Productions that follow researched demographic lines for maximum returns.
• An aggressive marketing and Web presence. Our marketing, operations and business-to-business use of the web will be cutting-edge. Our web sites and the utilization of them will serve all three fronts. Stellaris will house Stellaris’ PR and public image, business-to-business, and operations, giving us a worldwide presence on all three fronts. With the arrival of 4G in the US market, Stellaris will take full advantage of all the marketing opportunities.
•  Mobile media, promotion, and interaction.
TeleNet is the Company’s Television and Internet Divisional Company whose focus is to produce television and web-based products for a global market. In addition, it will support the sister companies in providing viral marketing and internet campaigns.
Stellaris Film School
Pragmatic Filmmaking
Stellaris International provides an enriched and diverse learning environment for individuals involved, or seeking to become involved in the film and television industries. The Company is dedicated to teaching a more pragmatic approach to film-making and television movies; focusing predominately in the areas of screenwriting, acting, producing, and directing.
We do not teach theory or other all-embracing concepts. Our workshops are designed with a hands-on methodology that allows the student to immediately apply what he or she has learned.
Stellaris Entertainment Finance
Exploring Creative Frontiers of Film Finanancing
Film finance is an aspect of film production that occurs during the development stage prior to pre-production, and is concerned with determining the potential value of a proposed film. In the United States, the value is typically based on a forecast of revenues over a 10 to 15-year period, beginning with theatrical release, and including DVD sales, release to cable broadcast television networks and television syndication - both domestic and international, and inflight airline licensing.
Film finance is a subset of project finance, meaning the film project's generated cash flows are used to repay investors, and generally not from external sources. This, however, has been met with new ways to protect principal, and insure against loss of investors' assets.
As such, in addition to generating revenue from the normal/traditional distribution venues, Stellaris will also proactively utilize pre-development revenue sources and fund Independently produced product through its Divisional Company - Stellaris Entertainment Finance. 

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Children We do not knowingly collect any information from any child younger than 13 years of age. If you believe we have personal information about a child younger than 13, please contact us at support@kulabrands.com as soon as possible so we may delete the information.
Security Your security is important to the Company. We have taken electronic, managerial, and physical safeguard to minimize the risk of data breaches or unauthorized release of your Personal Information. However, please note that it is impossible to guarantee the security of our Sites, network, data, and therefore we cannot guarantee that Personal Information you transmit to the Sites won't be breached or destroyed. Any information you transmit to the Sites is transmitted solely at your own risk.
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Contact us You may contact the Company with any inquiries by filling out the support form on any site, live chat or by calling 928-466-4141 or 855-585-2345


Earnings Disclaimer

kulaBrands, Inc. and its parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies (collectively "kulaBrands") prides itself on being a transparent and member driven community. We make great efforts to ensure that the income earned by kulaBrands members ("Members") is stated accurately and that any income or earnings related statements made by kulaBrands and its Members are based on data and reasonable experiences. However, all statements made on the kulaBrands websites, in kulaBrands marketing material, and by Members are subject to the following limitations.

  1. The potential earnings and income referenced in the kulaBrand Member Agreement and Compensation Plan are not necessarily representative of the earnings and income, if any, that you can or will earn as a Member. Earnings and income vary widely and are based on a number of factors, including effort, experience, expertise, and time commitment.
  2. Testimonials and interviews by Members represent exceptional results which are not representative of the results of average Members and are not intended to represent or guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar results.
  3. To ensure that prospective Members fairly understand the potential for earnings and income, kulaBrands does not make statements referencing the specific amounts of profits made by its Members. Any statement by a Member regarding their individual earnings or income is not sanctioned by kulaBrands. We caution you to carefully consider the Member Agreement and Compensation Plan.
  4. Success with kulaBrands results only from your efforts, which requires hard work, diligence, and leadership. Your success will depend in large part on how you exercise these qualities.

Terms of Service

Thank you for visiting kulaBrands.com, kulaFunded.com, or Shopkula.com (collectively, the "Sites" and each a "Site"). This Terms of Service Agreement (the "Agreement") between you and kulaBrands, LLC (the "Company") is a legally binding contract that governs your use of the Site and access to the services therein. Please note that if you register as a member of any of the Sites (a "Member"), you will additionally be bound by the Company's Member Agreement, which may be found on the appropriate registration page. As used in this agreement, "person" means any individual person, entity, business organization, or governmental agency.The Company reserves the right to change, modify, or update this Agreement at any time by replacing this document on the Site. You agree to be bound by the most recent version of this Agreement as available on the Site. Effective Date: November 9, 2016

  1. Use of Site

(a)   The Company requires that you register as a Member to enjoy the full benefits of the Sites. You may need to register individually on each Site for access. By registering as a Member or accessing any Site in any way, you represent and warrant that:
(i)     you are 18 years or older;
(ii)   the Site and its services are permitted in your jurisdiction;
(iii) you have the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts
(iv) all information that you submit to the Site in any way, including Member registration information, is and will remain accurate, complete, and truthful; and
(v)   you will not use the Site to (1) harass, intimidate, defame, or harm on other person; (2) promote commercial interests other than those approved by the Company; (3) scrape, crawl, index, harvest, decompile, or reverse engineer any portion of the Site; (4) use the information contained on the Site to compete with the Company in any way; (5) circumvent the security measures of the Site; (6) violate the intellectual property or other rights of any person, or (7) violate any law, regulation, or contract to which you are a party. In addition, you will not assist any other person in performing any of the foregoing.
(c)    By registering as a Member of the kulaBrands.com Site, you agree to pay the one-time lifetime membership fee as indicated on the checkout page of the registration form. You agree that such fee is only refundable in the first 4 Months of the life time membership. You agree that, despite payment of the fee, your access to the Sites and your Member Account may be suspended, without any refund, credit, or offset, pursuant to Section 1(b) of this Agreement.
(b)   The Company reserves the right to terminate your access to any Site, including your Member Account, at any time for violating any provision of this Agreement or the Company's Member Agreement, incorporated herein by reference.

  1. Purchasers

(a)   Certain Sites may allow you to make purchases. By making any purchase on any Site, you agree that the Company may charge your credit card or other submitted payment information for the price listed on the Site for the product or service you select.
(b)   Prices and availability are subject to change with or without notice.
(c)    The Company has a 30-day refund policy for purchases on Shopkula.com. For Membership, the Company has a 4-month money back guarantee. Any payments paid within that 4 month period will be returned upon cancellation of Membership if the Member requests to cancel within that time period.

  1. Intellectual Property

(a)   The Sites, and all content available on the Sites, including (but not limited) to, content, text, photographs, videos, software, images, audio, code, and algorithms (collectively, the "Content"), are copyrighted under U.S. copyright and other laws by the Company or its licensors. "kulaBrands," "kulaFunded," "Shopkula," "kula," and the names and logos used in connection therewith are trademarks of the Company. In addition, certain elements of the Content are protected by U.S. patents or patents pending. You will not copy, share, transform, sell, license, or otherwise distribute any of the Content or any derivatives thereof without the express written permission of the Company. You acknowledge that the Company has in no way licensed the Content to you for your own use.
(b)   You agree not to use any of the Sites to transmit, share, or post anything which may be in violation of the intellectual property rights of any other person. You represent and warrant that you are the owner of all information you transmit to the Sites.

  1. Disclaimers


  1. Account Security

(a)   The Security of our Members is very important to the Company. You agree to protect your Member username and password and to keep both confidential at all times. If you believe there has been a breach of your Member account, please contact us immediately. You agree to be solely responsible for all actions undertaken by your Member account.

  1. Indemnity

(a)   You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Company and its Affiliates from and against any loss, liability, obligation, or claim, made by any third party or other Member due to, or arising out of, your breach or threatened breach of this Agreement, your use of any of the Sites, the Company's services, or your violation of any statute, regulation, ordinance, code, or existing contractual duty. The Company may, in its discretion, assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will fully cooperate with the Company in connection therewith.

  1. Electronic Disclosure

(a)   You agree to receive all communications and documents from the Company, including this Agreement, the Member Agreement, and all other notices, agreements, disclosures, or other information, from the Company electronically. The Company may provide all such communications and documents either by posting them on the Sites (as applicable) or by transmitting them to the email address you have on record with the Company. If your email address or other contact information changes, you agree to contact us immediately to provide updated and accurate information.

  1. Miscellaneous

(a)   This Agreement shall be governed exclusively by the law of the state of Arizona, without regard for any conflict of laws provisions. Any dispute arising under, or related to, this Agreement or use of the Sites or the Company's services shall be brought only in the state or federal courts of Maricopa County, Arizona.
(b)   This Agreement, coupled with the Member Agreement and the Privacy Policy, comprises the full, final, and complete agreement between you and the Company regarding the use of the Sites and the services of the Company.
(c)    If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect to the maximum extent possible
(d)   Any delay or failure of the Company to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Agreement shall not be deemed an acquiescence or waiver of rights.
(e)    You may contact the Company with any inquiries by filling out the support form on any site, live chat or by calling 928-466-4141 or 855-585-2345.