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Shiver Shield Extreme Cold Weather Mittens

Shiver Shield manufactures and distributes some of the lightest, thinnest, extreme cold weather gear available.  Our garments and accessories using a cutting-edge, NASA-inspired insulation called which is the most efficient insulation ever produced.  We've tested it out with liquid nitrogen and dry ice and there is no extreme cold temperature on earth that can beat it! More info on the insulation and the testing: Video: Penn & Teller Tell a Lie- information on the insulation itself Video: Shiver Shield Liquid Nitrogen/Dry Ice Test Video: Henry Ford's Innovation Nation Featuring Shiver Shield We're excited to introduce to you our latest products: Mittens Not just any mittens.  These lightweight, comfortable mittens are designed to have a removable top and a pair of magnets to keep the top firmly attached to the back of your hand. Though what you see is a prototype, we're working on a few improvements to the design for the final version.  For instance, we're going to have an extra pad across the top of the fingers and they're going to be more rubbery for a better grip on your weapon, or your coffee.  For hunters who demand quiet and for ease of use for the rest of us, we're using magnets to secure the back in place for the moments you need your fingers exposed. Mitten Sizes:  S, M, L, XL Colors:  Prym1 MP, Prym1 White Out, Real Tree Xtra, Black and Gray and MAYBE Prym1 Pink Out. Hats Also, as part of the project and an additional reward for the crowdfunding campaign, we're introducing our new hats!  Also referred to as skull caps, or beanies, we're using a thinner layer of insulation and perforating it, as the head is the where the most heat leaves the body and doesn't require as much protection.  The final product will lower ear covers and come in several sizes. (sizes will be flexible enough to fit all normal heads) Colors:  Prym1 MP, Prym1 White Out, Real Tree Xtra, Black and Gray and MAYBE Prym1 Pink Out. Both the hats and the gloves are going to come in Realtree Xtra, Prym1 MP and Whiteout camo patterns and black and gray to match our current gear. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  We are blown away by this!  We are ALL IN!  We are SUPER EXCITED to offer not only our hats and mittens, but the ENTIRE Shiver Shield clothing line! For more information and demos on our proprietary insulation, check out the video gallery on our website Our Guarantee Is Simple! 30 Days: If, for any reason, you do not like your Shiver Shield gear, you can return it for a full refund or exchange. Lifetime Residuals and Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects on our coats and jackets! Lifetime Residuals and 1 year warranty on anufacturing defects our mittens and hats! Machine washable and dryable! THE COATS AND PANTS Most Jackets and Pants come in S, M, L, X, 2X in Men's and Women's sizes.  Limited avialability on 3X sizes for Men. First, the black and gray coats in Men's and Women's sizes.   And now the Prym1 Camo!  This is not your traditional camo and can be worn everywhere.  Though technically these are men's sizes, they look great on the fairer sex as well!   Next, we have more traditional camo patterns done in Mossy Oak and Real Tree extra.  The coats are available in both Men's and Women's sizes and the pants are available in Men's sizes only.   Real Tree Extra for Men:   For Women:

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