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Vibe Bottle 3.0

"Good vibes with unique designs, positive affirmations, and sacred geometry infused in ceramic ink at 1300°f on clean, clear, beautiful, environmentally sound, glass water bottles, with a one-time replacement warranty at a fantastic price."


ACTUAL KICKSTARTER 3.0 VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/6HNhcy3uJYc

  Hey guys Zo here thanks for joining us for Vibe Bottle Kickstarter 3.0 last year was our Kickstarter 2.0 and you launched our company into the stratosphere and for that we can't thnk you enough!!! We went from a small family on company to having 46 stores and shipping internationally every single day! Today I'm happy to announce we are launching these oh peacemaker signature line featuring spirit animals by yours truly I'll be launching a series of designs debut in with the Phoenix. I'm in love with this project because I got to merge 2 things that I'm really passionate about spirit animals and Sacred Geometry! The Phoenix is the spirit animal that represents destruction and rebirth (the engine of evolution) One thing you may notice about this bottle is that it looks a lot like our 18 our steel cap, however we have improved upon it. This is a seamless 20 oz bottle with a wood cap, limited edition serial number laser engraved along with my signature and a protective neoprene sleeve, an info card about the Phoenix and a certificate of authenticity. We need to get these rolled out to stores in time for the holidays and we need your help. As a reward you will be one of the 1st to get an early a shipment. Our goal is to raise $20000, 14000 is going to inventory, 3000 is going to shipping and 3000 is going to administrative costs. Getting these babies out to our kicksarter fans is our number one priority, we learned last year to hire a fulfillment company to make sure our product goes out as quickly as possible. Thank you for supporting our company and our dream will see you out there in Internet land!!! - Zo and the Vibe Bottle Team


ABOUT VIBE BOTTLE ---------------------------

ECONOMICS Vibe Bottles can pay for themselves within the first month and and save the earth unneeded stress!!! Yep, it's true! We call this "Vibe Bottle Math". Even though it is recommended the average adult drink 1 gallon per day, let tone it down to a realistic amount, like half a gallon a day (64 oz.) At a half a gallon per day, brand name plastic bottled water adds up to between $600 and $1500 per year! Filtered water, or water bought from a clean water store (Like Water & Wellness) cost's between $100 and $300 per year. A Vibe Bottle ranges from $20 to $40 and has a 1 time replacement warranty. Bottom line, Vibe Bottles are pretty, BPA free, and pay for themselves. About Vibe Bottle We care about the earth, personal health, and puttin' out positive vibes! We are so passionate about what we do that two years ago our family embarked on a journey we called the "Teach Peace Tour". We set out in an RV and taught workshops about meditation, water, positive language & the meaning of Sacred Geometry. Now we're back home and gearing up for our next journey...VIBE BOTTLE!!! After a year of research and hearing out our loyal following we're here to change how you hydrate forever with our luxurious glass bottles. It won't just be your new water bottle, it'll be your new best friend! Vibe Bottle is more than just a water bottle, it's a life style that's surrounded by a culture of people that care about their body and the earth. IT'S ART YOU CAN DRINK FROM! In order to create many of our products we have substantial minimum's, shipping and warehousing challenges to overcome. The reality we face is that we are a small humble - family-owned company doing their best to keep up with demand. The good news is, we have already established relationships with local manufacturer's. We're ready to take Vibe Bottle to the next level but we can't do it without you. With your help we can produce our 2017 Fall line which will include multiple designs, new styles and even new materials like insulated Steel bottles, bamboo lids, hemp bottle carriers and protective rubber sleeves. Every pledge brings us one step closer to creation. Not only will you have our appreciation, you'll have something to take home we'll all make the world a better place. Please follow us on Instagram, Like our Facebook Page, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and share this Crowdfunding Campaign!!! DECAL!