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Is the sun, glare and heat coming into your driver and passenger side windows a problem for you? Is nighttime headlight glare coming from your outside rear view mirror frustrating for you?  They are for me. Especially in areas where the car visor does not reach! This is why I developed ClingVisor. ClingVisor is the tinted version of its opaque cousin TuckVisor.  ClingVisor is a flexible tinted vinyl window film that clings to the window with static electricity. It can be used over and over. ClingVisor is also very versitile in that you can double layer it for twice the tint. Have light to no tint on your window? Now you do. Custom Single tint it, or double layer tint it. Have tint on your window? now you can double your tint in the critical area. Press and Cling, and have a much more pleasant drive! Q&A   Q. Will it crease, rip or tear? A. No. ClingVisor is very flexible, but very durable.  Q. Does it ever stop clinging? A. No. If it seems to be clinging less it is because either the windor is dirty, ClingVisor is dirty, or both. Simply clean with mild soap and water.  Q. Will it cling on both sides? A. Yes. Press and cling to any window on any side. Q. Can I roll down the window all the way and still have it cling? A. Yes, Every vehicle is different however, so be sure ClingVisor is pressed tightly against the window.  Q. Does it distort your view. A. No, it has very good optical clarity allowing you to clearly see objects through it. Q. Is it legal. A. Yes, becaus it is tinted, and it is removable. Q. Will there be any bubbles between ClingVisor and window? A. There may be. They are not noticeable from the inside, only the outside. They can be eliminated by pressing out with your hand or by using a credit card wrapped in a soft thin cloth so as not to scratch the film. For a superior cling you may also apply water to the window before pressing ClingVisor on to the window. 

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