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MUZIT - The First To Monetize Global Peer to Peer File Sharing Hi Kula Friends. You may know me as a proud Kula member and as one of the founders of King Of Hearts. I’m grateful to everyone in Kula for helping King Of Hearts make our 5th album. But I’m writing here to tell you about a business opportunity that is so exciting and revolutionary it compelled me to take 5 years off from recording and touring to harness it. On several of our Kula calls, I’ve mentioned my Big Data Analytics Company, Muzit and how Muzit is changing the Entertainment Industry. It’s my great pleasure to announce that Kula Brands will be offering Kula Members the opportunity to partner with Muzit to disrupt the entertainment business and especially the music business. Some business opportunities are an exciting flash, a chance to make a buck. But Muzit is unique. Not only does Muzit offer an opportunity to participate in a completely new and positive global ecommerce technology platform that is poised to generate Google or Apple sized returns, Muzit offers the chance to be a part of a revolution – a chance to change the entertainment world for the better and make a lot of money in the process! Welcome to Muzit. Created by Artists for Artists, Muzit is the first company to create a proprietary data analytics platform and an associated positive business model to empower copyright owners to identify, engage and monetize the largest and still untapped global distribution channel of Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing. SOME BRIEF HISTORY In 1999, the Entertainment Business changed forever when Shawn Fanning introduced the industry-shattering digital distribution system called Napster. This unique technology completely overturned the music (and subsequently the entire entertainment industry) by allowing individuals around the world to freely download and share copyrighted music and other copyrighted digital content using a network of individual computer nodes connecting across the Internet. Early proponents, like Wired Magazine predicted this “New Order” would continue to grow exponentially year over year and become the preferred choice for acquiring digital content. The Entertainment Industry, however, dismissed this ‘New Digital Sharing’ (Newsweek) as a passing fad. As we now know, the early evangelists were right. Unrestricted Peer to Peer (P2P) distribution grew quickly and by 2000 Napster, alone, boasted 80 Million users. Today, thousands of new P2P networks including the most popular, BitTorrent, are used by hundreds of millions of people to download billions of copyrighted songs, movies, TV shows video games, eBooks and other digital content everyday. P2P file sharing is now the world’s largest single digital distribution system and yet what should be the standard for artists to sell directly to their fans is still waiting to be monetized. That’s right: the Entertainment world still does not grasp the giant commercial opportunity P2P offers. How big an opportunity you say? Envisional Global Traffic Monitor reports that ‘unauthorized file sharing accounts for nearly half of all daily internet traffic and 98% of all P2P downloads are not paid for!’ This is why I created Muzit. PROBLEM OR OPPORTUNITY? The Music Industry was the first entertainment sector to be impacted by this new ability to freely access copyrighted content. History has shown that, when faced with major new disruptions, Industries that survive learn to adapt. But the Entertainment Industry did not grasp the error of rejecting what is now the world’s largest distribution channel, and instead doubled down on failed anti fan and consumer policies, spending nearly $1 Billion in failed litigation efforts trying to combat what they call digital ‘piracy’. Met with overwhelming, international rejection, these draconian efforts failed. Instead of solving a disastrous problem, the industry created a huge cost burden for itself and nearly killed their entire business model. According to Forrester Research, “illegal downloading of copyrighted music is, by far, the major contributing factor causing total global music revenue to plunge from $44 billion in 1999 to $14.37 billion in 2016 ”. But where the entertainment industry saw a giant problem, I saw a giant opportunity. It took several years and over 4 million dollars to build but Muzit now represent clients in multiple verticals of the industry. Please review our slide show below as I share details on how Muzit monetizes P2P file sharing and how you can join ‘the good guys’ as we help change the Entertainment Industry for good.

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