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Awake Hair Brush by Ninja Cosmetics

Ninja Cosmetix™ creates organic products that will enhance your beauty regime in a way that frees your body of impurities, while revitalizes your mind and soul. We have 4 product lines: - CocoNINJA™ Teeth Whitening Blend - SkinNINJA™ Organic Micellar Waters - Awake™ Hair - Bye Bye Bruise™ CBD Salve Our first product was CocoNINJA™ , an all natural teeth whitening blend that uses organic ingredients to restore your teeth color to its original shade without making your teeth sensitive.  This product is a Top 10 bestseller at Riley Rose stores ( Forever 21's beauty products company).     SkinNinja™  Our organic micellar waters fall under this line. This waters are a 2 in 1 makeup remover and toner. Once you remove your makeup you don't even have to rinse. You can just apply the rest of your skincare regime or go to bed like that.We have 2 types: - Lavender: For normal to sensitive skin - Tea tree: For normal to oily and acne prone skin.   Awake™  Hair care is certainly a big concern for women. Under this line, Ninja Cosmetix™ has created some amazing natural tools to embrace the best of your hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Our Awake™ Hairbrush is an innovative tool that will transform the way you brush your hair. Fitting in the palm of your hand and easy to carry in your purse, our brush generates 6 million negative ions per cubic centimeter. What does negative ions do for your hair? They neutralize the positive ions that your hair is loaded with, sealing the hair cuticle and resulting in shinier and softer hair. It comes with 2 features: Ion and Vibration + Ion. This second  one stimulates and relaxes your scalp with micro vibrations to help your hair grow stronger and faster. Tight scalp muscles restrict blood flow and suffocates the hair follicules. The perfect feature to help your scalp decompress right before going to bed.     Under this line, we created another amazing product. Awake™ All Natural Organic Dry Shampoo. It is a powder made out of only natural ingredients. It comes in a patented powder sprayer bottle for easy and mess free application and 1 bottle gives your the same use as 3 big aerosol cans of any other dry shampoo in the market. Did we mention that it is travel friendly? Yes, you can carry it in your purse and bring it with you onboard if you are traveling by air. It refreshes and volumizes your roots for those days when you feel like you don't want to wash your hair. It has a fresh scent that will leave your hair smelling clean but not overwhelmed.     Bye Bye Bruise™  An almost magical elixir that will help you with bruises, aches, pains, rashes, bug bites, soreness, burns and severe dry or chapped skin. Bye Bye Bruise™ was created after our Co-Founder started doing aerial arts ( like Cirque su soleil type of stuff). A very beutiful discipline, yet painful, and due to the squeeze of the fabrics and hoops, she would have tons of bruises. Developing this salve wasn't easy, she wanted a salve that worked super fast in realeasing the pain and getting rid of the bruises so she could continue with her classes while wearing shorts during the hot summer time in California without looking like she's ran over by a truck. Bye Bye Bruise™ contains ingredients that have been used since ancient times to releave pain, bruises and soothe skin conditions like eczema and rashes. It contains 100% pharmeceutical grade CBD ( 0% THC), the purest and most potent form of CBD that is available in the market. Also healing herbs like arnica, comfrey, rosemary and lavender. This all natural healing salve is legal in all of the USA, Canada, EU, UK and all the countries where CBD is legal. It is the kind of item that you want to keep handy at all times.  

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