KulaBrands is a patent-pending business model that aims to locate unique inventions. KulaBrands is dedicated to convert the dreams and ideas into real life products by providing support to the inventors. Moreover, the inventors not only launch the products but also their products reach to the potential customers with the help of kulaBrands.

KulaBrands is the one and for all complete solution to inventors. It helps the inventors from the start of product development by gaining the funds for development process through crowdfunding. Once the product has passed through the development process kulaBrands starts doing its marketing via social media platforms to create awareness among potential customers. After marketing the product the next step in the process is to manage the sales of the product, kulaBrands helps the inventors to earn revenue via the direct selling of the products. The inventors are more likely to get all the benefits from one platform in minimal time and economical cost.

There are several inventors working with the KulaBrands and gaining enormous success, we are going to discuss some of the inventions and products associated with kulaBrands here:

KulaBrands first community project was Zip n Store that gained ultimate success in crowdfunding pool by reaching $20,000 within thirty minutes of its launch. It reached up to $152,716 in total that is much higher than the fundraising goal. Zip n Store was one of the highly successful inventions on Kickstarter. KulaBrands has gotten better and more improved since then, kulaBrands is now working with various new products and inventions. Several products have been made up of the potential customers with the help of KulaBrands. The most popular and successful inventions of kulaBrands include freedom charger, gunbail, park smarts for kids, mobicard, colors and spice, EZ-on babies, tuckvisor and many more.

Zip n Store

 Zip n Store is a revolutionary food storage system that simplifies the way you store, organize and find your food! It is an ideal product for those who love to have an organized kitchen. With three different ways to help you store your food, Zip n Store is storage made simple and easy.


Park Smarts for Kids:

  With fun puzzles and education to inspire the adventurous spirit in all of us, Park Smarts For Kids is being created to Educate Kids about our precious National Parks, because the best way to ensure the Preservation and Longevity of these National Treasures is to pass on the love of nature to the next generation.


MobiCard USA:


MobiCard USA is a web-based app with features like online shopping, local shopping, and national discounts as well as business websites, contact information, and directions to stores to name a few.  With everything at your fingertips, this remarkable APP has it all. Business websites, contact information, and directions to storefront are just a click away. Easily see the amazing local offers.

Net-Effects Traders:



Eco-Friendly, Ethically Made. Bag designed for workout, sports and yoga enthusiasts. Perfect Weekender Bag or Airplane Carry-On.

Donavon Lee Music:

  Donavon Lee has forged his own brand of Country music combining Classic Country influences with his own groove & energetic performance – Donavon Lee Project My name is Donavon Lee Carpenter.


Colours & Spice Gourmet:

With the help from Chef Bernard’s Base Sauces you can create your own Gourmet French Dinners as good as your local French Restaurant.



GunBail was launched with a simple mission: To get illegal guns off the streets and save more lives. Over 95% of gun homicides are committed with illegal guns. Our solution will have the largest impact on gun violence by encouraging offenders to turn in guns.

Cords Of Steel:


With The Freedom Charger, you will avoid the frustrations of dealing with inferior cords that waste your hard earned money! The Freedom Charger will charge hundreds of devices from Android, iPhone, Drones, Video Game Remotes, WiFi Head Sets, Go Pro Cameras, Charging Packs, as well as any other device that uses Lightning or Micro USB!





No streaks clean, protects & shines inside & out… Paint, Glass, Plastic, Leather, and more! Home, Auto, Marine, Spray it everywhere! Hooptie reduces all of your cleaning supplies into one, not only for your car but it also has cleaning properties that work well in the home.




TuckVisor removable and reusable side sun visor is an effortless to use and ingenious solution to blocking sun and glare coming through your car’s side windows. TuckVisor’s unique, patent-pending shape fits all vehicles. TuckVisor simply tucks into place, held firmly by the window and trim. Tuck, easily slide to reposition and re-tuck as needed. Conveniently store between seat and center console.


KulaBrands is working with several inventors and making their dreams into reality with the great support. The inventors associated with kulaBrands enjoy their success and earn revenues for a lifetime.

Bottom Line

KulaBrands is working with various new projects and inventors, kulaBrands makes sure that the products and inventions are productive enough for the users so that everyone is guaranteed benefited with the products whether they are inventors, backers or the customers. KulaBrands looks forward to working with the new technological advancements, household products, creative ideas, innovative products, household gadgets and other creative and innovative projects in future.

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