KulaBrands allows inventors to keep 100% control of their creation/ idea. Inventors don’t have to pay from their pocket – no payment in advance hence this is the best offer to them. Only they have to pay for what KulaBrands produce.

Here are some of our Makers who’ve made it big. We have successfully launched our inventor’s products through KulaBrands platform and make our inventors be a smart marketer. We make it possible through kulaBrands social selling.

Social Selling with kulaBrands – How it works?

  • Preserves capital for inventors
  • Increase income through sales at a time when sales are historically slow
  • Do direct sales
  • We make this possible through shopkula

Len Kensey – Zip N Store

Len Kensey is the mind behind Zip N Store! Having been a creator since his youth – He currently has patents and several pending patents in the manufacturing and design fields. His career in production led him to build machinery and eventually making his own creative ideas as inventions. In 2016, he developed Zip N Store. What began as a small invention has now grown to the whole Zip N Store System – a result of Len’s vision of helping people organize their kitchens.


Net Effect

At the age of 60, Ardice Farrow retired on purpose with the dream of serving women around the world. Net Effects Traders partnered with a most extraordinary team in Cambodia who has been training hearing impaired, polio and landmine survivors and disenfranchised mothers and providing them with fair wage jobs and great working conditions for over a decade. In addition, they use repurposed industrial netting for the bags and totes contributing to zero waste.

Market and consumer research begins for the Easy Breezy Messenger Bag. Presented early design concepts to the production team. Review, refine and finalize features and design of bags. Developed patterns, and prototypes, and completed first product samples in multiple colors.











Trevor Brooks knows firsthand from growing up in inner-city Baltimore how gun violence affects families. Reducing gun violence isn’t just a passion project for Trevor, it’s a lifelong mission.

GunBaiL was launched with a simple concept: Since most of the gun homicides in our cities are committed using illegally obtained guns, reducing the availability of those guns will help stem the tide of violence. To help make this happen, an innovative platform was developed that allows non-violent offenders to surrender their illegal guns in exchange for bail release.


Park Smart for Kids

Dodie Long has more than 25 years of leadership in sales, marketing, and operations management. Park Smarts for Kids was created by Dodie Long after spending 6 years as the CEO of a 50-year-old publishing company, which published textbooks on America’s national parks and monuments where she developed extensive networking with the national park and monument personnel.

Park Smarts for Kids publishes a series of educational activity books covering America’s National Parks. The books are designed for children 4-years-old and up. The books are each site-specific to individual parks. The books are created to encourage and promote educational interaction between adults and children.


Yahooty Who

Jen Oloo has worked as an executive in marketing and advertising for almost 20 years, holds an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and co-owns an architectural Virtual Reality firm in Los Angeles. She brings not only the history of Yahooty to the team, but also vast expertise in business management, procurement, and marketing.

Yahooty Who? – is a children’s character book that brings a smile to the face of everyone who reads it. Whether you are a child who is hearing the story for the first time, or a parent or grandparent reading it over and over again to your little ones, Yahooty Who? takes us all to our happy place of imagination and childhood fantasy.


Colors and Spice:

Colors and Spice Gourmet and Le Saucier by Chef Bernard Michael Frehner were created in 2012 after a lifetime of culinary experiences in Switzerland, Canada, and the U.S. Some of his experiences are listed in his biography.

Chef Bernard’s clients raved about the exquisite sauces propelling him to start Le Saucier. He began by producing his gourmet sauces that stood far above the products that are used in most restaurants and banquet facilities. Chef Bernard has developed an extensive collection of five-star classic recipes for you to prepare world-class French meals for which you would pay $50 at a French restaurant. Using his Gourmet Sauce bases you will dazzle your friends at a fraction of the cost.


Vibe Bottles:

Brinlie is passionate about assisting our next generation in becoming all that they can be by showing them the “tools” that they have access to. She is also a Reiki practitioner, mother and passionate sparkly unicorn in a human casing! Zo is a Level 4 Reiki Master, Shaman, published author, public speaker, and artist. He is passionate about giving back to the world and sharing the message of love. They’re parents of two boys and their first girl on the way.

In 2015 they sold all of their worldly belongings and set out on a speaking tour selling bottles and stickers along the way to put food on the table and gas in their ” love-mobile ” Together they are a powerful team. While Zo reminds Brinlie to ground and focus, Brinlie reminds Zo to play and enjoy the journey.


August 14, 2015, we made it “official”. Vibe Bottle got its name, Brinlie quit her job and Zo and she both went full time. This year was our 2-year anniversary, entering the third year of business and it is on the climb!

We started by applying decals, but quickly shifted to the above mentioned ceramic printed inks.
Zo is a Reiki Healer, as is Brinlie. Though both must wear many hats, Brinlie takes care of marketing and customer service while Zo focuses on graphic design, education, and sales. He has over 20 years’ experience in the printing industry and about 10 in the healing/self-help industry. Vibe Bottle is a perfect marriage of the two!


Bottom Line:


Kulabrans is one of the most successful platforms helping inventors to take out their products to the markets. Through the efforts of our members, inventors, and team we have accomplished to bring out several projects. There is always a story behind every invention, this article has brought some of the brilliant success stories of inventors who successfully launched their products through kulaBrands.

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Kulabrands invites everyone to the business ideas, to come and join us. You might be the next inventor with the great success story in our future blogs.

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