This article is going to be a discussion about kulaBrands as a company, its services, its payment plans, and all the pros and cons.

This is for all readers before I start writing about the kulaBrands let me tell you that this article is to help people thinking of being a part of the business community to earn income and understand this staple business. This article has been written on the basis of factual reviews of kulaBrands existing and potential members.

As we all are familiar with the term; “crowdfunding”. It has gained a lot of success and name in past recent years and it is basically mainstream today. Crowdfunding is considered as the best way to collect funds for the new inventions. There are a lot of crowdfunding platforms out there; kulaBrands is one of such platforms but with more benefits and freedom to earn.

What is KulaBrands?

KulaBrands is the rising crowdfunding platform and the business community founded by Peter Gantner and Doug Kyle. This business platform is exactly what its tagline describes it; “the launching, branding, building community”. KulaBrands is an important business platform that is based on the global network of members. As a part of kulaBrands, you will be tied up closely with all the members of the community to convert the ideas into products and get those products to their potential customers. KulaBrands is the only business community that helps the members to earn residual income just by working for few hours a week. It offers various ways to earn, like crowdfunding pool, branding and marketing, and advertisements and sales.

The significant mission of this platform is to help the entrepreneurs, businesspersons, inventors, and dreamers to find the ways and convert their ideas into realities, by getting them all the support. KulaBrands does not only help the inventors with the financial support but also with the moral support, marketing support and sales support by the community. Through crowdfunding pool, the inventors collect all the funds that help them in launching their products. Once the product is launched the members of the community will then help the product with its advertisement and marketing, and eventually, the product starts to make enormous sales by the selling services offered by kulaBrands.

The members other than the inventors of the products get residual income by supporting the product in crowdfunding pool, pledging for it, doing the marketing of the product or just selling it to the potential customers. The members have to take part in one of the three given options. Whenever the product makes sales anywhere in the world, the supporter of that product will get the residual royalty income.

  to learn about the Royalty Income.


KulaBrands Services

There are three services or ways offered by KulaBrands:

  1. Crowdfunding Pool: Crowdfunding pool helps the entrepreneurs in collecting and obtaining the capital they need to launch their product.
  2. Marketing and Branding: This business platform offers a social media membership that helps members to advertise a new product or service to their pages and make awareness about certain crowdfunding project.
  3. Sales: KulaBrands uses the endless benefits and power of the Internet to help boost and stimulate sales for all products that are supported by the KulaBrands community.

KulaBrands Compensation Plan

There are multiple ways to receive payment through KulaBrands. Once the product hits the funding level it needs to be sold, KulaBrands splits the royalty fees with the participating members. When the money comes in, there will be 3 pools that get the royalties: the Founders Pool, the Branding Marketing Pool, and the Sales Pool. Members are simply paid out on the value of the point.

The KulaBrands offers several ways to earn and receive income. Once the product achieved its funding level and collects the funds it needs to get into the market and eventually to the customers. KulaBrands helps the community members to earn the income if they have pledged the product in crowdfunding pool, market the product or sold that product to the consumer. The member will be paid whenever the product hits the market anywhere in the world.

Crowdfunding Pool:

The crowdfunding pool is incorporated with the members who pledge an amount to the invention before it goes into official production, thereby earning their Founders Pool Point.

Branding Marketing Pool:

Individuals who promote the product on their social media will earn a point in this category as a marketing affiliate.

Sales Pool:

Members are also eligible to earn points if a product is purchased through their replicated storefront websites.

To join, individuals have the option of a one-time payment of $249, or they can go for the $20 per month for the 12-month payment plan, which comes out to $240 in the end. Once in, members don’t need to pay for monthly payments and they get to choose how long they want to be with the company.

Benefits of KulaBrands Business Platform:

  • Members are not required to recruit to get paid
  • Businesses are not required to invest money to get a product off of the ground
  • One time action leads you towards royalty income and you will get paid over and over again
  • Plus, investing in these startup businesses and their products produce positive impacts for both the business owners and the general consumer population. Without funding these ideas, we’d never be exposed to some of the best inventions/ideas to come.

KulaBrands | Final Thoughts

KulaBrands is one of the most popular growing business platforms that are rapidly rising and carries a great scope in future. The trend of crowdfunding is increasing and there are various crowdfunding platforms the KulaBrands differs from all of them. This platform does not only benefit the inventors but also the supporters with the residual income.

KulaBrands offers the opportunity to learn about the business and arranges webinars for the potential members and the individuals wanting to join the community. If you have any question or interest in getting involved with the most beneficial and mind-blowing business model then click on the “Click Here” button below.

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