We warmly welcome you all if you are interested to earn via home-based business. Our kulaBrands is a ‘Dynamic Reverse Royalty Allocation Systems and Methods’ business.

This is a patent-pending community home based business model. KulaBrands is a ‘Reward Based Crowdfunding’ where inventors can present idea. This platform collectively board on that project with their community, would raise funds, do social branding and successfully launch the product. KulaBrands do a lot as a group to bring value to all projects. So, in addition members are able to earn royalties for the lifetime on every product they are indulged with just one-time payment. Hence, Kula community will receive a reverse royalty!

Receiving a check in the email in form of residual income is the best thing and for that just Kula-members will do work in the community. Supporting projects and will be rewarded with royalties for years to come. To help you we have developed:-

  • Kulabrands platform
  • Shopkula sales portal
  • Social sharing
  • Bill of rights for Kula community
  • Community seat on the board
  • Invest your own products
  • Training

How Do Kula Members Make Money – Simply Help Build the Community

When a kulaBrands member help fund, brand, market and sell a product, they get points in Royalty pools that pay them a Reserve Royalty.

Community members pledge on a project to help that to get a place in the market and for that. The members will be rewarded with a point. This point is valuable for a member to make reserve royalty income. You may also get a point via social branding/marketing along with that if you sell a product you earn a point – this is social selling. Crowdfunding, Branding and Selling this all will be valuable for community members so till that product lifetime in which they choose to be involved those members can earn a reverse royalty. Summarizing this that kulaBrands goal is thousands of products to help their members to have a royalty income ‘The Wall of Dreams Achieved – Powered by the People!’

If you want to be a member of kula community or even if you have an idea for a product you can reach to kulaBrands team. Join us today!

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