Charging your electronic gadgets is always a very hectic task. Imagine your phone’s battery dies, and you ask a friend for a charger but unfortunately he is an Iphone user and you own an android phone. Such incidents take place quiet often in our daily lives. We have to carry several cables for our different devices. This scenario is not very favorable for most of us.


With the passage of time, the technology has advanced and so as the gadgets. There are several new inventions in the category of chargers and portable devices. Among all those new chargers, there’s the best one that allows all of your devices to charge with one single cable. Yes! You’ve heard that right, now you can charge your android phone, Ipad, smart watch, wireless headphones, all and every device with one single charger.

Cords of Steel:

This amazing invention is named as Cords of Steel and it provides the ultimate charging solution for all of your android and ios devices. Cords of steel is the one cord with reversible head and it charges hundreds of devices with one single head. This device includes Apple light connector and micro USB. The USB, micro USB and the lightning is fully reversible making it easy to charge your devices.



A cord of steel right angle cord comes in two different lengths, 3.5 and 6-foot. The cords are unbreakable as they are made from stainless steel spring metal, making the breakage almost impossible. Even your pets won’t bite your cables.  The cord of steel right angle charger comes in three colors: Rose gold, silver and blue.




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Get this amazing charging cable and say goodbye to dozen of charging cables you carry with you. These cords are very reasonable in price moreover these cords come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Anne Wheeler

    Had my kulabrand cord for 3months and it quit working.really liked it.

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