We all are obsessed with our little magical gadgets in this era of advanced technology. We love to spend our time sitting in front of screens when we are bored or even when we are at the workplace. While there are enormous benefits of using technological gadgets there are some harmful disadvantages that can affect our lives drastically. One of these adverse effects is our weak eyesight. When we use computer systems for a long period of times, it drastically affects our eyesight and that’s a long time loss that can never get reversed.

KulaBrands always comes up with the products that are useful for everyone, and thus there’s an amazing kulaBrands product “Sight Saver” that has specifically been designed for the people who spend most of their time sitting in front of their computers.

SightSaver Computer Glasses:

SightSaver Computer Glasses – the way to counteract this harm with “state of the art” eyewear specifically developed for this purpose.  The lenses in SightSaver Computer Glasses are infused with a proprietary, synthetic melanin called Melaneye.   This protects your precious eyes from harmful rays, eases eye strain, and combats computer vision syndrome (CVS).  For more mature adults, it also helps protect against macular degeneration.  But SightSaver Computer Glasses are for EVERYONE.   Computer addiction has no age limits they also have a unique, detachable inner frame that can accommodate lens prescriptions.

How is SightSaver different from other computer glasses?

Most sunglasses provide protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, but this isn’t enough. Why would you settle for sunglasses that only do half the job? Only our Melaneye-infused lenses provide protection from 98% of the damaging HEV rays. The HEV rays are filtered, not blocked (like blue blockers), and that way natural color is maintained.

Benefits of the SightSaver Computer Glasses include:

  • Preventing short term Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
  • Protects the eyes from harmful rays
  • These glasses have proprietary Melaneye-infused lenses that provide protection from 98% of the damaging HEV
  • Suitable for everyone means you can protect your child’s eyes by making him wear SightSaver.

Who Should Buy SightSaver Computer Glasses?

If you are obsessed with electronic gadgets and love to spend your time sitting in front of you then this product is just right for you. You can get this product for your children as the young generation is more likely to be involved in technological gadgets and their sensitive eyes need protection. Grab your SightSaver glasses now and say goodbye to harmful rays!



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