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We continue to keep true to our mantra that this a “No Recruiting Required” company to earn great lifelong reverse royalty income…and we want everyone to understand this important point! But what happens if nobody recruits? Then there IS no Kula Kommunity right?! Well that’s where we come in!

We are “The” group inside The Kula group that will be the driving force behind the growth of our amazing community… We are the absolute core that fires all the Pistons! To be successful, kulabrands doesn’t need just a few powerhouse recruiting machines. We need a large group of people doing consistent small but important actions! Whether you’re a builder, recruiter, social media expert or novice, or just want to help and learn as you go… This is a group to educate, motivate and grow!! Welcome to the IC!

Your first task is to read this and type your name below as your signature agreeing to these terms as follows:

  • Participate in daily activity to promote kulabrands
  • Create value for others (inspiration, motivation and education on your social media
  • Stay a person, meaning post pics of family , pets, trips, etc… We want to be relatable to people that see us. Stay human not just a link posting machine
  • Have a blast and always remember “A rising tide raises all ships”. This has never been more true this right here and now

Do not get overwhelmed here..that’s not the point!

Our mission here : TO GROW OUR COMMUNITY BIG AND FAST! Stay tuned for upcoming events!!

Welcome to the IC, our official hashtag for posting is #ICkula …. Happy hashtagging!

Your friend and Kula Kompanion,

– Cory Moran



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