The kulaBrands Opportunity

Create a lifelong income supporting inventors through royalty-based crowdfunding


Imagine starting a business, working a few hours a week from the comfort of your own home, and building a residual income that can be passed from generation to generation. As a kulaBrands member, you’ll be part of a close-knit community where everyone works together, and each member has equal opportunity to earn.

You’ll get to know some of the most creative and talented inventors from around the world. Through a series of simple, one-time actions, you’ll help these inventors realize their dreams. The more one-time actions you complete, the more lifetime royalties you can earn.

How To Earn!

How To Earn Lifetime Residual Income with kulaBrands™ Whenever a kulaBrands™-supported product makes a sale, anywhere in the world, kulaBrands™ Members earn a Reverse Royalty, as long as they supported that product in at least one of the three kulaBrands’™ pools:

  • Crowdfunding Pool – Back the inventor through crowdfunding.
  • Branding & Marketing Pool – Social media marketing
  • Sales Pool – Sales through Members’ ecommerce stores

There Is a Better Way

At kulaBrands, our goal is to reinvent the home-based business industry, and our patent-pending business model has done just that. In compliance with our community Bill Of Rights, a community-elected kulaBrands member will always have a seat on the Board of Directors.

This ensures that kulaBrands members are represented in every aspect of our business. With our business model, the kulaBrands community succeeds together, and everyone benefits from everyone else’s success. We invite you to join us ….

See how some of our representatives have built life-changing wealth.

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Want To Learn More?

 Our mission is to help inventors and artists launch their products and achieve success through real product distribution. In return, our community benefits through a patent pending business model called reverse royalty through community participation. Our goal is to reinvent the home base business model. We have developed a whole new way of marketing and making money we call it Community Collaboration Marketing.