kulaBrands is Patent Pending business model
Why MLM's do not work for you!
Are you tired of being in a home-based business where the up line lives off the efforts of the downline? Are you worried that you will only start making money if you recruit enough people to sell under you?
Is it frustrating to constantly spend money on autoships, training and motivational materials, and then struggle to recoup your costs?
Low success rates in the traditional home-based business industry force you to sacrifice the freedom to travel where you want, when you want and risk bankruptcy. You worry that you might not even have enough money to retire on.
Our collaborative business model is strategically designed so that you, and every member of our community, can earn lifetime reverse royalties while helping creative entrepreneurs achieve their dreams in getting their inventions to retail companies of the world.
When you join a home business opportunity, you do it because you want to become debt free, or you want the freedom to spend your time in whatever way you choose. You don’t want to worry about monthly quotas just to “stay active” in the business.
You want to keep the respect of your friends and family. As an entrepreneur, you need their support to help you stay focused. You don't want to feel as if you have to sell them something at every turn.
You want your piece of the pie! You feel discouraged and angry when you’ve invested nearly every penny you have, only to discover that all the profits are going to the top. You deserve more than a losing financial proposition.
You want to know that there’s something better than monthly autoships of overpriced products that you can’t sell.
When you need help, you expect your sponsor to be there to answer your questions, but all too often you’re left in the lurch.
If this sounds like your experience, then kulaBrands is your solution.
The kulaBrands BUSINESS MODEL?
kulaBrands is a community-based, patent-pending business model that launches other businesses, and helps entrepreneurs take their inventions to the mass retail market.

As a kulaBrands member, you earn reverse royalty payments on the worldwide gross sales of every product in which you choose to be involved. Complete a series of one-time actions, and then get paid for that work repeatedly throughout your life. The more one-time actions you choose to take, the more you can earn.

The power of kulaBrands is in the strength of its community.
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Here are Three Ways You Can Earn Money With kulaBrands
1st Way
Crowdfunding Pool
Inventors register with kulaBrands before their product goes live on a crowdfunding platform. If you like a product, you can choose to pledge for it during the crowdfunding phase.
2nd Way
Branding / Marketing Pool
Help create brand awareness for a kulaBrands-supported product, using kulaBrands’ social software. The software and social media marketing training is provided at no extra cost.
3rd Way
Sales Pool
Also included in your kulaBrands membership is your own ecommerce store, fully hosted and maintained by kulaBrands. Your online store is where customers purchase products supported by kulaBrands. You earn royalties and affiliate commission on each sale.
Jeff Hoffman, Joins kulaBrands as Board Member and Official Spokesperson
Jeff Hoffman is a world renowned serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Priceline.com, CEO of Black Sky Entertainment (“Cabin Fever” movie), guest Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank and he works with the White House to help grow business. Jeff has this to say about kulaBrands:
... I'm excited to be part of this with you guys. You are in the right place at the right time ... If I didn't think we could make this work, there's no way I would be doing this ... A lot of ideas lack exactly what kulaBrands created."
Wednesday Live Webinar Info
You are invited to a kulaBrands™ online introduction presentation.
When: EVERY Wednesday at 6:00 PM Pacific Time
Get your questions answered. Together we're building the platform of your dreams!
What Our Members Are Saying?
"kulaBrands is changing my life and the lives of my friends and family. I'm so excited to innovate, create and benefit from the smartest projects on the planet with this community of like minded people!" - Yaan Gulledge.
"kulaBrands is shear brilliance! From the concept all the way to the founders. I've been in the industry for years and I've never seen anything quite like this, I'm blown away! We not only have huge success as a community but this is for anyone, from passive to active earners!" - Cory Moran.

Who is kulaBrands for?

  • Anyone who feels scammed by the MLM industry, with empty promises and impossible quotas. kulaBrands has no quotas. The more one-time actions you choose to take, the more you can earn. You’re in complete control.

  • Anyone who wants to build a lifelong income and doesn’t want to recruit. There are multiple ways to make money with kulaBrands. Recruiting is optional.

  • Anyone who doesn’t want to maintain “down lines”. Your success with kulaBrands is not dependent upon how many people you bring into the community.

  • Anyone who doesn’t want monthly or yearly membership payments. kulaBrands offers a one-time membership fee.

  • Anyone who is tired of monthly autoships. kulaBrands-sponsored products are delivered to the retail market through regular distribution channels. You have no inventory to maintain and no direct selling.

  • Anyone who is tired of struggling because their sponsor wasn’t there for them. You don't work alone at kulaBrands. Efforts are community-based and help is always just a message away. Interactive members-only webinars are a great way to get support.


WHAT Happens Next

is up to you...

You’ve heard what kulaBrands is about. The best part is, we’re just getting started. With our patent-pending business model, the future is bright, and the possibilities are endless!

Why continue to wait while our members are already building the foundation to earn royalties for the rest of their lives?

You have nothing to lose - and everything to gain. Just get started NOW.

Are you afraid to take another chance? We’ve got your back!

kulaBrands offers a RISK FREE, 6-month money-back guarantee.

That’s right! Give it a try for 6 months. We welcome you! kulaBrands is 100% community focused, and the happiness of our members is our first concern. If you’re not 100% satisfied after 6 months, you get a full refund.

There is just one catch. We won’t be accepting new members forever.

Why? Because our long-term success does not depend on the constant flow of new people into the community.

We are currently expanding our membership in order to take on larger, billion-dollar projects. Once we reach our limit, the doors will close. You will have missed your chance.

Are you ready to say hello to REAL financial freedom and a risk-free opportunity?

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