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Who is kulaBrands?

The next “Million Dollar Idea” is being formed each and every day. How many of those ideas, brands, companies or musicians will break into the market, let alone make it to the top? At kulaBrands, we work hand in hand with entrepreneurs, inventors, and creatives to massively boost their brands. From concept to products ready to take the world stage, kulaBrands provides entrepreneurs with funding, brand creation, gap sales, marketing, and more. Using a rewards based royalty system, both kulaBrands AND the company succeed. Every startup faces the same challenges… Where will I get the money? How do I reach a global customer base? How or where do I get my products manufactured? kulaBrands helps solve these challenges and helps put businesses on a path to success. This patent-pending business model is changing the way new ideas get to the market and our global community is just getting started.

How Do We Do It?

Everything we do with and for entrepreneurs starts with the kulaBrands community. We are not investors. We are not an incubator. We are a network of passionate people who provide a platform to kick start careers. The concept is simple. Every drop creates a ripple; thousands of drops can create a tidal wave.
Through simple one-time actions, our community provides support and resources to growing businesses across the globe. HERE’S HOW:

Social Sourcing

Think crowdfunding without the guilt trip. When a new idea is ready to launch, our community members can pledge financial support by pre-purchasing the product, supporting its development, or helping the idea reach a financial goal. Funding can be a huge hurdle for any new business, and the pressure of traditional fundraising can weigh heavy on any new business’ back. Our Social Sourcing for entrepreneurs lets the idea grow without constantly having to worry about traditional financing terms.

Social Promotion

Marketing is key to the growth of any new business, and there are a million ways to market an idea or product these days. Our community members can choose to champion an idea they believe in through the social media platforms they choose. It’s great when you have a couple marketing channels, but imagine how powerful it becomes when you have THOUSANDS of marketing channels working together to grow a company. We make sure the ideas we believe in are seen by as many people as possible.

Social Selling

Finding sales channels for an idea or product outside of selling them yourself can be a huge roadblock on the path to success. The kulaBrands community can be a built-in retail network ready and willing to purchase or sell. Our members have the option to sell the ideas or products they believe in either online or eye to eye, giving our entrepreneurs a leg up where they might have otherwise been limited.

Projects We Love!

You choose the ideas you want to support, and you get access to the tools
which will help boost your success. Start earning royalty points for you
and your whole community within MINUTES of getting started!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the next “Million Dollar Idea”...
every minute you wait means royalty points you’re not earning!

Fueled By Our Global Community

Along with the reverse royalties you’ll earn through the simple, one-time actions you take, joining the kulaBrands community gets you access to a huge pool of projects to choose from. We work with entrepreneurs in health and wellness, technology, music and film, fashion, home goods and so much more, giving you a wide range of ideas and projects you can get behind, and we’re finding more all the time!
Since we help prepare these products and ideas to hit the market, we’ve figured out what each of them need to be successful. We give you access to the tools you can use to put your efforts into hyperdrive with marketing systems packed with everything you need to start earning. Within minutes of joining the kulaBrands Community you can start helping to grow businesses and adding to your financial security.
Most of all, you become a valued member of the rapidly growing kulaBrands community. With thousands of members already supporting the products and ideas they love, you join a group of people who work and earn TOGETHER. New community members are joining each and every day.

Good Words. Good People

Don’t take our word for it, see what our community is saying about kulaBrands!

  • kulaBrands is changing my life and the lives of my friends and family. I'm so excited to innovate, create and benefit from the smartest projects on the planet with this community of like minded people!
    Yaan Gulledge
    Yaan Gulledge kulaBrands is changing my life
  • kulaBrands is shear brilliance! From the concept all the way to the founders. I've been in the industry for years and I've never seen anything quite like this, I'm blown away! We not only have huge success as a community but this is for anyone, from passive to active earners.

    Cory Moran
    Cory Moran KulaBrands
  • kulaBrands is changing so many lives! If you're looking for a rewarding & a lucrative Business, look no farther! kulaBrands is not only the most advanced & amazing concept, but the kula Kommunity is also made up of the most brilliant, like minded people that have came together as One! I am so excited to be a part of kulaBrands! The sky is the limit... Thank you kulaBrands for blessing me, my friends and family!

    Wendy M Miller
    Wendy M Miller KulaBrands
  • kulaBrands is absolutely amazing! I have never been more excited about the future! Being a part of this incredible community/company has set me up with multiple streams of income that will definitely enable me to reach my goal of early retirement! It is also SO rewarding to help inventors see their dreams become a reality and know that I had a part in it! I thank God for the blessing of kulaBrands!

    Kathy Bidelman
    Kathy Bidelman
  • Yes I am one of the many that has tried countless online business opportunities with them all ending the same way, we know how that goes! Kulabrands is the only business model I know of where anyone and everyone can earn true residual income as long as they participate. Along with what I consider the best business model I have ever seen I have met some of the most amazing individuals in the most amazing community on the planet.This is the first time I have ever been involved with a business where every single member’s actions benefit everyone else involved. Kulabrands is the true meaning of collaboration over competition. If you are looking for that true safety net for your future as well as your kids future then look no further, Kulabrands is the place to call home!

    Justin Haggerty
    Justin Haggerty

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