KulaBrands is growing with more success with every passing day. Many brilliant artists, creative minds, and amazing innovators are joining kulaBrands to share their ideas and convert their dreams into reality. One rising name Nya Marquez, an incredible artist, songwriter and singer has announced to be a part of kulaBrands. Nya Marquez appeared at a kulaBrands event kulaParty 2 that was held from 21st June 2018 to 24th June 2018. The amazing singer presented her new song “still standing” for the very first time live at the kula party.

Nya later announced official joining with the kulaBrands on her facebook official account, stating;

“It’s official my company and Brand has now merged with the KulaBrands Company! Working together my music, Brand and Journey will be supported together! I feel so Blessed for this opportunity and excited about what’s ahead! My single and tour are dedicated to Bully Awareness! Standing together we will make a difference and save live!! Thanks so much to the KulaBrand Family for supporting and believing in my music, my dream, my Journey and my movement to create Bully Awareness, Gun Safety and Teen Suicide! KulaBrands members my pre-pledge has now launched!”

The singer is collaborating with kulaBrands in order to promote her astonishing music with the beautiful meaning to be shared with all the audience out there. Every song has a beautiful message behind it and that’s what Nya Marquez tends to share with the fans all over the world.

KulaBrands is glad to work with such a great artist with utmost levels of talent and welcomes her wholeheartedly. KulaBrands wishes best of luck to Nya Marquez with this lifelong, incredible and beneficial journey with KulaBrands.

KulaBrands is looking forward to grow and achieve more success in future. The artists, inventors, business seekers, innovators, and all the creative minds are the backbone of kulaBrands. This business platform is for everyone who wants to be successful and enjoy financial freedom.

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