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Introduction To KulaBrands

KulaBrands Is a New,patent-pending business model where Its Members
-(the “community”)-earn Reverse Royalty payments through their Participation is
selected crowdfunding and various social media activities.

  • No monthly or yearly fees
  • No auto shop
  • No maintaining “downlines”
  • Recruiting is Optional but not required
  • Any, one any where in the word, can join
  • Member choose the project in which they,d like to participate
  • Member,s earning are base on the Reverse Royaltyfor each product i which they participate. this means that members are paid over and over for the same original one-time action

What Is A royalty Payment?

“A royalty is a payment made from one party to another that own a participate assets for right to ongoing use of that assets.
Royalties are typically agreed upon as a percentage of grass or net”