Hooptie 16 oz Waterless Wash & Wax
16oz spray bottle:

  • Total product weight – 1pound 4oz
  • Total product measurements 3”x3”x9”
  • Package includes one heat sealed spray bottle with 16oz of Waterless Wash & Wax, One unattached sprayer.
    Retail $20
  • UPC 852676017383
  • No streaks cleans, protects & shines inside & out… Paint, Glass, Plastic, Leather, and more! Home, Auto, Marine, Spray it everywhere!

    Hooptie Saves Time & Money
    Think of all the money you spend for products to keep your vehicle, home, boat, or motorcycle looking immaculate. You pay for all of the different products…. your car alone you buy, the Wax, Tire Shine, Glass Cleaner, product for the plastics, product for the wheels and so on. Cut cost, save space and go with Hooptie. Hooptie reduces all of your cleaning supplies into one, not only for your car but it also has cleaning properties that work well in the home
    Cleaning with Hooptie is simple
    Tools Needed:

    Hooptie and 2 Micro-fiber Towels

    Step 1: Spray surface area with Hooptie
    Step 2: Using the Micro-Fiber Towel wipe away filth
    Step 3: Use 2nd Towel to Polish And Yes it is Environmentally Friendly
    Hooptie… The one product that cleans it all!
    Safely and effectively!

    Hooptie & The Environment
    Many soaps contain chemicals that harm fish and degrade water quality. When you wash your car in the driveway, the soap together with the dirt, grime, grease, and oil washes from your car and flows into nearby storm drains. These can run directly into lakes, rivers, or streams. Some soaps may also contain phosphates, which can cause excess algae to grow in local waterways. Algae look bad, smell bad, and harm water quality. As algae decay, the process uses up oxygen in the water that fish need to survive.

    With Hooptie you don’t use soaps! And don’t wash anything down the drain!
    The average car wash uses 60-100 gallons of water depending on whether you use a hose, or go to a car wash.

    Back Label:
    Waterless Car Wash is formulated to effortlessly wash and protect your vehicle, electronic displays, House, Boat, RV, etc… Inside and out in one easy step. Simply spray on, wipe off & buff. This scratch-free formula will leave finished surfaces smooth and protected for weeks.
    Features & Benefits
    * Cleans – Paint, Windows, Bumpers, Fridges, Countertops, Leather Rubber, Tires, Rims, And MUCH MORE!
    * Non-Toxic and biodegradable. * Safe for – Auto, Home, Office, Boats, RV’s, TV’s, Electronics, Optics, and ALL finished surfaces.
    * Leaves NO greasy film or residue!
    1. Shake bottle well
    2. Spray directly onto surface
    3. Gently wipe with a clean microfiber towel
    4. Using a second dry towel, buff to a shine.
    5. Common sense caution. For excessively soiled surfaces (mud or sand) pre-rinse first with water.
    Ingredients Proprietary Blend:
    Filtered water, plant-derived surfactants, soda ash citrus essential oils, preservative (less than .05%)
    Warning & First Aid Avoid eye contact. If swallowed, drink a glass of water and contact physician. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    Product of Hooptie LLC
    For contact info visit: www.AllHooptie.com

    The average cost of a car wash is $10-$15
    The average car wash takes 15-30 min.
    The cost of the chemicals… Wax, Window Cleaner, Bug & Tar Remover, Wheel Cleaner, Tire Treatment, Dashboard Treatment, Leather Treatment, Carpet Cleaner etc… Is on average over $60

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