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Who is kulaBrands?

The next “Million Dollar Idea” is being formed each and every day. How many of those ideas, brands, companies or musicians will break into the market, let alone make it to the top? At kulaBrands, we work hand in hand with entrepreneurs, inventors, and creatives to massively boost their brands. From concept to products ready to take the world stage, kulaBrands provides entrepreneurs with funding, brand creation, gap sales, marketing, and more. Using a rewards based royalty system, both kulaBrands AND the company succeed. Every startup faces the same challenges… Where will I get the money? How do I reach a global customer base? How or where do I get my products manufactured? kulaBrands helps solve these challenges and helps put businesses on a path to success. This patent-pending business model is changing the way new ideas get to the market and our global community is just getting started.

How Do We Do It?

Everything we do with and for entrepreneurs starts with the kulaBrands community. We are not investors. We are not an incubator. We are a network of passionate people who provide a platform to kick start careers. The concept is simple. Every drop creates a ripple; thousands of drops can create a tidal wave.
Through simple one-time actions, our community provides support and resources to growing businesses across the globe. HERE’S HOW:

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When you join the kula community, you get lifetime access to kulaBrands for a single payment of $249 with a 6-month, MONEY-BACK Guarantee.