Secure your financial future through
Simple, One-Time Actions

Launch and Grown Companies
While Earning Lifetime Income.

At kulaBrands, we are a company for our community, not a community for the company. Our patent-pending business model is designed to benefit everyone across the board, from the inventor or entrepreneur to the community member who’s just getting started. The goal of kulaBrands isn’t about getting rich quick or blowing companies up so fast that they collapse, but to build a future for the whole team.
We do it together. From the projects we take on to the decisions made along the way, our community members are involved in all aspects of the projects we support. Everybody plays and everybody wins. We use a simple royalty-based rewards system where taking small steps can earn our members income for life, which can be passed on to the next generation too.

The kulaBrands Point System.

It Starts with a Handshake...

When kulabrands partners with entrepreneurs or inventors, the first step in any project is negotiating the percentage that kulaBrands will recieve for the life of the project. We look at each project as a team effort, so we aim to create the most value for both kulaBrands and the project owner for long-term success.

Ready, Set, GO!

Once the partnership between the entrepreneur of inventor is agreed to, we work to determine the needs and goals of the project. Whether it is fundraising, help with project design or branding, product manufacturing or simply spreading the word to as many people as possible, we set acheivable goals that kulaBrands and the project owner can meet together

Hurry! Space is Limited...

We know that having more people involved in a project is good, but we firmly believe that too many people participating in a project will dilute the value for everyone involved. Before we open our project pools for Social Sourcing, Social Promotion or Social selling, we do our best to make sure that we’ve got the right number of people involved to make the most of the project

Jump In, the Water is Fine!

This is where things get exciting! We open each of the pools for Social Sourcing, Social Promotion and Social Selling which our community members can participate in. kulaBrands members can enter one, two or ALL THREE pools to help launch or grow a project, earning points from each of the project pools they belong to. Even more exciting, members can be a part of multiple pools on multiple projects at the same time.

Points are Awarded Based on Simple, One Time Actions.

Here is the simple beauty of this. If you act, you will earn. Actions like Pre-purchasing
a product can earn a point in the Social Sourcing pool, posting on your Facebook
page earns points for Social Promotion and selling a product earns a point for Social
Selling. Of course there is a little more math involved, but simply put, your actions in
any of the pools create value for both you and the entrepreneur or inventor of the

Grow Baby, Grow!

At kulaBrands, we focus on the long term success of each project. There are plenty of places to try to get rich quick, but we believe that for any project to be truly successful it will likely take some time. We put in the time and resources it takes to create long term value, and in return, our community members reap the rewards of the efforts for themselves and even the NEXT Generation. The bigger the project gets, the better it is
for everyone!

You Earn Reverse Royalties FOR LIFE!

When revenue starts to come in a project, either from the efforts of our community or from the outside success of the project, everyone starts to receive their rewards. We set aside a small percentage for the administrative needs within kulaBrands (generally 15%), and the rest is divided equally for the different pools in the project. Reverse royalties are then paid out to members based on the total amount of points they’ve earned on the project. The best part is, our members earn for the life of the COMPANY, not just the project they originally participated in.

Here’s Just a Few of Our Member Benefits

Project Choice

When you become a member of kulaBrands,
you are not obligated to participate in any
project that you do not want to. You get to
choose which projects you want to support
and you get to choose how you want to
support those projects. Remember, even a
simple, one-time action counts towards a
project, so you can be involved as little or as
much as you want.

Marketing Systems

We’ve taken the guess work out of launching
and growing the projects we work with and
we give you the tools to benefit from it.
When you join kulaBrands, you get access to
the systems, landing pages, tools and
resources to make supporting projects worry
free. Want to spread the word about the
kulaBrands opportunity? We’ve got all your
recruiting possibilities covered too!

Community Leverage

One thing is certain. As a kulaBrands
member, you will never have to go it alone!
Our community bleeds blue and green and
welcomes new members with open arms.
Your simple, one-time actions work together
with thousands of other one-time actions,
creating a wall of support and marketing for
the projects you love! You’ll meet other
members every week, and we’re sure you
wont ever feel like you’ve got to do it all

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the next “Million Dollar Idea”
every minute you wait means royalty points you’re not earning!

Good Words. Good People

Don’t take our word for it, see what our community is saying about kulaBrands!

  • kulaBrands is changing my life and the lives of my friends and family. I'm so excited to innovate, create and benefit from the smartest projects on the planet with this community of like minded people!
    Yaan Gulledge
    Yaan Gulledge kulaBrands is changing my life
  • kulaBrands is shear brilliance! From the concept all the way to the founders. I've been in the industry for years and I've never seen anything quite like this, I'm blown away! We not only have huge success as a community but this is for anyone, from passive to active earners.

    Cory Moran
    Cory Moran KulaBrands
  • kulaBrands is changing so many lives! If you're looking for a rewarding & a lucrative Business, look no farther! kulaBrands is not only the most advanced & amazing concept, but the kula Kommunity is also made up of the most brilliant, like minded people that have came together as One! I am so excited to be a part of kulaBrands! The sky is the limit... Thank you kulaBrands for blessing me, my friends and family!

    Wendy M Miller
    Wendy M Miller KulaBrands
  • kulaBrands is absolutely amazing! I have never been more excited about the future! Being a part of this incredible community/company has set me up with multiple streams of income that will definitely enable me to reach my goal of early retirement! It is also SO rewarding to help inventors see their dreams become a reality and know that I had a part in it! I thank God for the blessing of kulaBrands!

    Kathy Bidelman
    Kathy Bidelman
  • Yes I am one of the many that has tried countless online business opportunities with them all ending the same way, we know how that goes! Kulabrands is the only business model I know of where anyone and everyone can earn true residual income as long as they participate. Along with what I consider the best business model I have ever seen I have met some of the most amazing individuals in the most amazing community on the planet.This is the first time I have ever been involved with a business where every single member’s actions benefit everyone else involved. Kulabrands is the true meaning of collaboration over competition. If you are looking for that true safety net for your future as well as your kids future then look no further, Kulabrands is the place to call home!

    Justin Haggerty
    Justin Haggerty

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