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Why HealX Nutrition? HEALX NUTRITION Professional extraction means a better product. Lead by Science – The HealX Nutrition Difference Here at HealX Nutrition, we are focused on creating research based, naturally derived products that improve the lives of people suffering from seven categories of conditions: pain, neuroprotection, cancer, anxiety, sleep, metabolic, and autoimmune disorders. Not only these conditions but also improving the overall quality of life around the world! Through our commitment to ongoing scientific research, we discover more every day about how health-supporting chemical compounds found in nature can be used to help the human body alleviate many acute and chronic conditions. Our vision is to create a world where the human body can repair, restore and rejuvenate itself. Our mission is to do this by bringing therapeutic products into the mainstream of healthcare, retail, direct to consumer, and many more avenues! Quality Many hemp oil products on the market today utilize an extraction process that requires the plants to be ground up. This destroys some of the quality of the oil and results in a less-than-pure product. Our proprietary extraction method preserves the integrity of the plant and the natural purity of hemp oil. Price Dollar for dollar, our products deliver one of the highest concentrations of hemp oil extract available on the market. Not only does each tablet contain a high concentration, their melt-in-your-mouth delivery ensures that the maximum amount of hemp oil is absorbed into your blood stream. Safety Internal and external stressors can have a big impact on functions such as mood, sleep, appetite, hormone regulation, and pain and immune response. To manage these symptoms, many people turn to synthetically derived medicines with side effects that can be harmful, and even fatal. Hemp oil is a natural solution that supports the body’s natural systems without harmful side effects. Bioavailability One of the highest bioavailabilities on the market. This simply means that more of our sublingual tablet enters your system than many other types of products; i.e., swallowed tablets, tinctures, and patches. For those who are seeking more information on full spectrum, organic CBD oil products for people and pets. Please visit our fan page: https://www.facebook.com/HealXNutritionOfficial/ And our group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/2184634401612054 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers non-THC based hemp products to be “food based” and therefore legal without a medical marijuana license.   Testimonies:
Three years ago I was struggling with severe sinus issues. I had already tried everything from natural to pharmaceutical to find relief. Nothing seemed to work. Then a friend of mine suggested I try a very high end CBD product.  It was over $300 a bottle.  It was just what the Doctor did not order as it worked!  It started to help almost immediately.  Well,  since then I have tried over one dozen other brands which also helped.  However, nothing has worked as well as the HealX Xpress sublingual. I am excited as a founder of HealX Nutrition to bring this amazing product to the market.
- Peter Gantner
After having had knee surgery a year ago I developed a blood clot and lower back pain and I was told it would be chronic and that I would possibly have forever.  So I started taking CBD oil 2 months later and it was gone!  After driving home (which kills my back), I asked my wife to rub some of the Tru-Relief on my back.  As she was doing it she kept saying oh my God!  She suffers from neuropathy in her hands and as she was rubbing it on my back she was able to feel her hands for the first time in three years!  Less than ten minutes later my back pain was totally gone.
- Randy Risner
My hubby and I had bad sinus pressure around our eyes and back of neck, put Tru Relief on, and we felt great within half an hour!
- Jen Kelly
I have never tried CBD but had heard so many amazing stories from friends that have used it so when this opportunity presented itself to me I said Yes!  I went off of another product that I had faithfully taken for joint pain, knee pain and just the "aging process" pain so that I could experience the true results.  OMG, did all these pains jump out at me, LOL!  Once the supply arrived, I began taking the Gel Capsule and the Sublingual...24 hours later, I began to experience the results. The knee pain was gone, the joints were all good, I was sleeping better at night....the biggest results I experience though were with the CBD Balm.  I was in immense pain with my right thumb one night,almost to tears....couldn't sleep, couldn't touch that part of my hand.  Then I remembered the Balm and I immediately got up and took the balm and started massaging my left hand with it.  Not just a little but liberally and within 10 minutes, the pain was TOTALLY gone!!   I was shocked at how quickly the turn around was!  I could finally sleep, that lasted for several days pain free!  Then again, the pain returned, I still had some balm left and I liberally massaged into my hand again....same results...GONE!  I cannot wait to purchase our new product, Heal X Nutrition!  I am now a voice for CBD!
- Cindy Carnahan
My husband was suffering from a truly painful toothache but could not get in to dentist until 4 days later. I gave him an Xpress sublingual tab of the 35mg CBD and he had relief within minutes.  He was amazed.  He could still tell the tooth was bad but the CBD took the pain down and lasted for hours. Thanks to the Xpress tabs, he almost decided NOT to go to the dentist.  However, he did only to discover the upper molar was so bad, they pulled it!!!! He was so grateful for the quick-dissolving tabs to get him through the "bad days".
- Donna Howard
I had a ganglion Cyst the size of a walnut in its shell and after using the Soothe for a few days it is now down to the size of a pea. This CBD line has also helped get rid of my chronic cough that I have also suffered from for several years. -Doug Kyle
 When I drive to work everyday I never drive on the left lane of any Interstate, I panic for last couple of years and think to myself “what if traffic stops and I get stuck forever”, so I drive in right lane only.  But this morning my mind says Bhupen let’s go in the left lane & to my surprise I drove 30 miles in the left lane and not a single thought of panic came into my mind!
So far I’ve taken 5 Xpress tablets and I still 4 more tablets until I need more!  The HealX Nutrition Product has taken my panic away.
- Bhupen Amin

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