kulaParty Live Event

Learn how to help yourself and others live a better life

Arizona Grand Resort and Spa

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kulaParty Live Event

kulaBrands live event will be unmatched with excitement and opportunity to learn about this revolutionary community. This is not going to be any ordinary, boring convention. This will be a time to meet each other along with the leaders of this community. kulaBrands members will have the opportunity to learn from the community leaders and world renowned business experts, like Mr. Jeff Hoffman. Also, though be opportunities to do things like play a round of golf with Mr. Doug Kyle, Mr. Jeff Hoffman and even maybe Mr. Peter Gantner. How about taking a ride down the giant waterslide with Mr.Yaan Gulledge and Mr.Cory Moran. And then set around on the poolside have a real conversation about where were going as a community and how it affects you.

Along with all the fun, there will be serious times that will allow you to meet with the inventors, learning what they went through to get their products launched. Have a sneak peek at upcoming projects. Learn from the leaders on how you can get the most out of being a member of this community. Asking your hard questions in private or in group, this is about you. This is your time to get what you need to help you achieve the freedom and success you desire.

Hope to see you there.
Doug Kyle Founded kulaBrands

Want To Learn More?

 Our mission is to help inventors and artists launch their products and achieve success through real product distribution. In return, our community benefits through a patent pending business model called reverse royalty through community participation. Our goal is to reinvent the home base business model. We have developed a whole new way of marketing and making money we call it Community Collaboration Marketing.